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Create a spring kitchen design

It seems that overnight the rain subsides and the sunshine stings through the once-filled sky. The brighter days bring a much easier feeling, and when we take off our coats, we also want to take away the winter feeling indoors, which leads us to something we all love, the design of the spring kitchen. Fortunately, it is not necessary to completely redesign the kitchen to get a spring-like kitchen look.

To help you make your kitchen look a little lighter, here are just a few tips from the experts at Matter Designs, a Home design service who have specialized bespoke kitchen design right here in the UK.

Let there be light

If there’s one thing everyone loves about spring, it’s the fact that the nights and mornings are getting brighter for that matter. Spring is therefore the perfect time to brighten the house, and the best way to do that is to just add a little more light. While you may not be able to add more windows, you can certainly add additional mirrors and lighting at a minimal cost. If you make sure that your kitchen is well lit, e.g. B. under cabinet lighting, creates the illusion of additional space. This is ideal for smaller kitchens. If you’re working on a budget, you can do that with a few well-placed LED lights. If you want to do a bit more work, skylights wherever possible are of course the king when it comes to illuminating and letting in some fresh spring air.

Keep the colors fresh

Whether you choose minimalist or traditional country chic, keeping the colors fresh is crucial. A quick coat of paint makes a significant contribution to freshening up the entire room. Are you thinking of trying a new spring-inspired color? Green and white are ideal for spring and they also work all year round. However, if this is a little more work than you thought, we strongly recommend adding a few accessories. Think strong green plants on the windowsill and beautiful light-reflecting photo frames.

Add some flowers

When you think of spring, plants and flowers will always come to your mind as flowers are inevitably blooming all around us. With this in mind, you can add bouquets of flowers to your kitchen area. Or even beautiful flowering plants? Seasonal flowers are also great because they not only remind you of spring, but are often cheaper too. Think daffodils and tulips.

Ready for a spring cleaning

Last but not least, spring reminds us that it is definitely time for a comprehensive spring cleaning. That means washing these blinds, cleaning the closets and clearing your kitchen of any accumulation of dust and dirt that has accumulated over the winter. Troubleshoot, decalcify and clean like never before. You may even want to consider a two-step cleaning process that involves cleaning and then disinfecting to make sure you’ve cleaned the surfaces thoroughly. With cleaner, lighter walls and a tidy space, your kitchen will be ready for spring and next year.

Looking for bespoke kitchen design this spring

If you’re looking for a bespoke kitchen design to lift your tired kitchen this spring, we highly recommend contacting the experts at Matter Designs. Your creative team is one of the best in the country and offers you a truly bespoke kitchen that not only looks good but also fits your lifestyle. For more informations, Call Matter Designs today at 01268 833 836.