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Pool hacks that are guaranteed to cause a sensation

According to Authentic plastic and tilesOne of the most important items on any homeowner’s wish list is a swimming pool. Not only for the desire to have a relaxing garden oasis that you can enjoy at will, but also for gatherings and parties.

Creating memories by the pool with friends and family with the smell of grilled food is the ultimate way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. A pool is the center of a gathering at any warm weather event, and I’ll bet you can even imagine sipping a refreshing cocktail while the kids play and laughter fills the air.

photo-1509600110300-21b9d5fedeb7 Pool hacks that are guaranteed to cause a sensation

The problem sometimes; can maintain a pool and is not as easy as installing qulity skimmer boxes to clean it. Professions can be expensive and time consuming, and even unnecessary. The great thing is, there are many steps you can take to look after your pool without spending an arm and a leg! For the DIY fans out there, this list is a perfect way to make sure you’re ready for some pool fun at the start of summer.

  • This may seem strange, but vacuuming your pool is a good idea. Yes, as strange as that sounds, if you empty your pool and vacuum the bottom, your pool will stay at an optimal level in the off-season. Dirt, leaves and other objects often get stuck under the surface of the water. Without a concerted cleaning effort, you risk exposing your pool to damage that is costly to repair.
  • To prevent vacuuming your pool, consider using baking soda to make sure your pool is squeaky clean. By cleaning the tiles with baking soda, you ensure that no deposits and deposits accumulate, inevitably contaminate the water and later lead to further problems. Don’t worry, baking soda is perfectly safe for your pool!
  • One of the most annoying things about owning a pool is the accumulation of insects that appear to be in and above your pool water. Who wants to laze around on a sunny day and avoid flies and mosquitoes in the water? Because of this, hanging dryer leaves and lemongrass is an effective way of removing unwanted insects while creating a decorative, welcoming ambience. Beetles dislike the smell and do not come near dryer sheets because they believe it is someone else’s nest. This is a great way to make sure you keep the insects away and do less fishing.
  • As beautiful as it is to have flowers and vegetation by the pool, this type of landscaping provides the perfect environment for the growth of algae. Nobody wants algae in their pool. And unfortunately bird and animal droppings help with algae growth. By having vegetation and chemicals near your pool, you want to increase the likelihood of birds gathering around your pool, which can help increase algae growth. Try to keep the flowers and bushes away from your pool to keep the algae level down.
  • This next hack may seem strange, but it works! Our bodies excrete oils and in addition to wearing sunscreen (as you should) it gets into the pool water and pollutes the pH. If you put a tennis ball (yes, a tennis ball) in the water, the oils will soak up over time. It may seem a little random to have tennis balls floating around in your pools, but these little neon green and yellow balls do the job for you!
  • When the weather gets colder, most likely you will no longer be using your pool. Hopefully you have your winter blanket on and most likely stare wistfully at your pool, waiting for summer to return. Debris builds up on winter blankets, and here’s a perfect way to get rid of it: a leaf blower. Break out of this bad boy and let him tear on your winter blanket to make sure that dirt or even snow is removed. It’s very effective and you won’t spend as long as it would take you to go in manually and try to eliminate everything at random.

Almost every homeowner dreams of owning a pool in their garden to enjoy. Regardless of whether you have an underground or above-ground pool and no matter what size, it is a source of pure joy in the summer months. While it may be more expensive than previously thought or a little more pool maintenance than expected, there are ways to keep up with your pool at any time of the year.

And for those who like DIY activities, a pool is the perfect place to get creative without having to call for help. Think of this as a car while some might just want to take care of a car wash, others enjoy doing it themselves. If you take care of your pool it will last for years and you can help everyone enjoy it year after year.