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How to opt for an art deco interior design for your home

Away from romance and superfluous details, art deco interior design is a bold and glamorous way of designing your home. Though, it is an old style of designing your home that was present in 1920s and 1930s but it is trendy again and you can revive a crowd of memories by bringing this deign in practice. The angular and geometric forms look unique and after having seen a lot many houses with modern designs and shapes, when you get in a home having art deco interior design, you feel pleasantly different. This change is a huge welcome when the monotonous styles and designs get on your nerves.

Variety of Themes

The themes for art deco interior design are numerous. When one theme is chosen for a home, you let it apparent in each and every step of the home construction. Pick the theme of branches, leaves and quills.  On the window glasses, on the walls, in the garden, around the swimming pool – if there is one – along the wall of stairs and even floor there must be some fantastic carved branches and leaves or quills.

Another theme is nudes.  Now, imagine a home with nudes all around or stylized animals which is another interesting theme. Chevrons and zigzags can puzzle you for a moment at least, if you did not get dizzy. Sunburst theme exudes life and hope. You would love it around your home for many reasons. Sun is the largest source of light and life. Having the images of sunburst all around your home is enough inspiring and kindling hope in your heart.

How to Design Your Home with Art Deco Designs

  • The first thing that you focus on is colors in art deco home designing. Choose bold and striking colors with a lot of contrast. Pick green, orange, red blue, yellow and pink. Trimming the designs with silver or black makes the colors look bolder. To soften the hues try beige and cream in living room, bedroom, and dining room. Contrasts that take place with cream and lacquered polished furniture look deeply art deco.
  • Furniture manufactured of exotic wood and mirrored pieces are the best options. Art deco furniture is usually large but it is with streamlined shapes.
  • Choose fabric for sheets and covers that is geometrically designed or are of solid colors. No need of going for floral or plaid fabric. Add cushions with solid colors in contrast. These can highlight your interior. Do whatever falls in the category of “bold.”
  • Abstract floor designs in Linoleum do the best. You can go for black and white tiles also if you do not mind going very typical.
  • Rugs with large geometrical designs in old colors are also a good choice for floor. Go for these as an alternative to tiles.