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Furnishing your living room  with an antique cupboard

If you have watched “Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” you must already be acquainted with these antique cupboard designs. The nostalgic feeling that the sight of them brings about is one that invokes a feeling of delight and longing to acquire these very cupboards. Adding them to your home will forever spark a vintage and surreal touch that shall be unparalleled by any other entity. The closed doors strike curiosity. “There must be something very unique and precious inside – may be a treasure chest or an antique jewelry box!” You cannot resist the urge of opening one silently and secretly to have to look of what it is storing.

Antique Cupboards in Your Living Room

Made of pure solid wood, this storing option is unique for your living room.  One with glass doors seems to be more suitable to be placed in your dining room where the sophisticatedly designed China plates and dishes inside it add in its classical impression. In your living room also you can place one with glass doors but the carved designed doors of an antique cupboard look more beautiful in your living room. Skillfully polished, the outer surface of these cupboards reflecting the shine of lights steals the looks.  You can put in it anything of yours; the most decorative is the outer appearance of these antique pieces. To keep their especial allure unique, do not place on carved wooden door cupboards any vase or other decorative item. With other furniture piece also from the same antique category you can create a whole environment which reflects a certain theme or idea. If furniture pieces are matching, no doubt your living room looks striking!

Brown or Blue

You most probably think that chocolate brown is the color that links these cupboards to the past old days. But blue paint is also found looking equally antique. The choice of color depends on your interior design, other furniture piece and cupboard carvings. Mostly, brown painted antique cupboards make a bolder statement when they are designed with carved wooden doors.  They look more appealing. Blue cupboards are mostly plain but you can heighten their look by covering the ground with a matching color rug, and making the upholstery of your living room furniture in different blue hades. It is your creativity and imagination that can take your living room to an entirely different environment – most probably highly marvelous.

An antique cupboard in your bedroom can be for an antique bedroom theme. Choose one that suffices all of your storing needs so that you do need another one next to it as two antique cupboards in one bedroom is not a very chic sight.