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My dream bedrooms

Every individual at some or other point of life visualizes about their dream bedrooms. Being realistic and practical our normal bedrooms are ordinary and are much functional than ornamental because of we are resources limited. However dream bedrooms remain unfulfilled wish for many.

I am turning 80 now I have always longed for different dream bedrooms at different point of life. As a kid I wanted bear barrel bed with good lighting making me cozy. On growing a bit I got aspiration for indoor fort because I used to live in cold places and thought that indoor forte will comfort me.

Crossing the teen gave me some mature choices and my dream bedroom was now to have room in top floor apartment with unblocked aerial view of fancy charming sceneries of landscapes outside. I wanted to have glass walls and ceiling for that room so that I can enjoy stars and moonlight at night and can make my darkest moments to light up with skylight.

On getting married I wanted some fancy bedroom with sensational and intimate touch. A large window with French doors was my biggest catch of those days. I wanted every item of my room to be icon of love. Silk embellished drapes, contemporary furniture and low lights could well serve my purpose. Now when I am 80 and I am near to die I dream that the bedroom in which I die should give heavenly look. With white basic theme frills and lace embellished curtains and beddings, soft canopy bed and large windows and a large spaced room from where I can fly to other world.