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Finding the right wooden wardrobe for your house.

Wardrobes are an essential element in your house. There can never be a house which doesn’t have some kind of storage capacity. It is the most useful and efficient furniture item in your house. Wooden wardrobe is by far the most popular choice in wardrobes.  They can come in many different sizes and materials.

2 important things that need to be considered while buying a wooden wardrobe are: the size that you desire and the type of wood that you like.

Before we jump into seeing these 2 points, you have to first decide whether you want to buy a readymade ‘off the shelf’ wardrobe, or you want to design one which will utilize and fit the available space in your house.

Wooden wardrobe comes in three kinds of sizes. These are specified in terms of the doors they will need: single, double and triple door wardrobes. The single ones as their name suggests accommodate only 1 storage portion, fulfilling a single individual’s needs. The double on the other hand can suffice for you and your partner. If you intend to have more storage, then you can switch over to the triple door wardrobe.

Choosing the right kind of size is very important as the available space is limited and you will need to find a size that should fit perfectly in that space

Whereas the wood types go the most common ones are oak wood and pine. Other types are mahogany, beech mango and so on. You can fit any colored plywood on top of these to get the look you desire.