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Cleaning and maintaining a suede couch

A suede couch imparts a sophisticated feel to the interiors. This can happen if and only if you keep them neat and clean. Regular brushing and cleaning in addition to occasional vacuuming can help you accomplish this. If the couch is relatively clean or new, then it can be treated with stain protectors which are easily available in local hardware stores. Older couches that are quite dirty would require a thorough cleansing. Follow these simple steps for cleaning your suede couch.

Use a protective spray

Treating your suede couch with a protective spray will help permanent stains from setting into your couch through spills. Few sprays act as synthetic solvents whereas few sprays are water based. You need to consult the manual before using any cleaner on your couch. Keep the spray can away from the area being treated by eight to twelve inches. Treat section by section and apply two to three coats of the upholstery or fabric protector. Allow it to dry for twelve hours.

Remove the cushions every week

Removing cushions from the couch would ensure that you remove papers bits and crumbs that may have accumulated through the cracks. Collect the debris with the aid of a vacuum cleaner or a dust buster. Vacuuming helps in eliminating pet dander and dust that may have accumulated.

Wipe the cushions with a terry cloth towel or a suede brush

Remove debris from the underside of the cushions by utilizing a suede brush or a terry cloth towel. Replace the cushions once a week or once in fifteen days. Rotate the cushions in order to ensure that your suede couch is dust free. Brushing would eliminate dust that would make your couch appear dull.

Make sure you purchase a suede cloth. Rub this down your couch once in a while so that you can keep your couch in good shape. This would barely require fifteen minutes based on the shape of your couch. Brushing and rubbing becomes essential if you have children and pets in your couch. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your suede couch looks amazing all the time.