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Have innovation and style in your attic design

With that triangular shape you find your attic the most fun place to spend time. Windows on the front and at the sloping roof create amazing light effects during the day and most amazing thing about your attic is that you can see the moon also on the sky from the tilted roof windows.  Kids and adults find gathering in attic an amazing experience. Exploiting the extra space hovering over your home is a wise idea and since it meets the building and living standards, you have no worries to set your attic as your bedroom, office or another homely place like your living room.

Exploiting the Space  

The space of your attic does not form smooth straight lines for the walls and roof. Do not consider it as a negative point but make it an opportunity of going more creative in designs and styles. Arrange shelves for your books, accessories, instruments and other decoration pieces. Keeping the place well painted and clean gives your attic a healthy atmosphere to live in.  With minimal furniture and good rugs on the ground the interior of your attic becomes more comfortable.

Decorating the Attic

Ideas for attic design are numerous. Adding plants is one of the most successful of them all. Because of ample sunlight falling in, the plants can grow well especially if you place them under the windows on the tilted roof. Any other decoration options can also be a good idea as the daylight is in abundance in an attic. Colorful covers and sheets add in the warmth of the place. Using light colors like white or other light shades can make the interior brighter and more inviting.

Lighting Options  

Lights can change a place from an ordinary spot to some special area. Pendant lights look fantastic in attic because of the specific roof style. The lights on the sides of the roof may not be a very practical idea.  Walls can have a few lights if the style of your attic allows there to be a wall or two forming a straight line. Choose some beautiful pendant lights to make the interior of your attic lively during the day and night both. Fix more than one light bulbs on the walls to create bright effects at night.

Your attic design is not much different than the rest of your house but it is more fun to design your attic as its structure is different. Your attic gives you the opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of the house. To make your attic design more comforting and peaceful, go for tranquil colors and soft floor rugs. The soft pile brushing against your feet sole soothes your tense nerves and the calm atmosphere above there, adds in relaxing you.