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Landscaping professionals: Amazing tips to curb the attractiveness you need to know today

Are you looking for ways to add value to your home? Have you heard the old saying: “You have to spend money to make money”?

Some real estate agents report that they a 150% return on investment in improving the exterior of a home. Add some colorful flowers. Pull out or paint your front door.

What will help improve the look of your home? Are you selling a house soon? Are you looking for ways to make the curb more attractive?

Check out these awesome tips to help landscapers themselves add to the appeal of your home!

Tips for Enhancing Curb Appeal by Landscaping Professionals

There are many curb ideas that you can add to the exterior of your home to attract buyers and bring in offers. Let’s take a look at 8 valuable tips on making curbs attractive.

  1. Keep all 4 seasons in mind

When choosing plants for landscaping, consider using evergreen plants so that your front yard has some color even in winter.

All of the materials used in your landscape plan should look bright and inviting all year round, especially in the dreary winter months.

  1. Use lighting

Illuminate sidewalks and vocal points such as sculptures, ornamental trees or steps.

  1. Do not overwhelm the house

Is your home a ranch? Is it two-story or three-story? These things are important when choosing a landscape design.

You don’t want your landscaping to stand out more than your home. It should be complementary to the house. Take into account the size and shape of the house and its location in relation to the street.

  1. Give your home a fresh coat of paint

Never underestimate the power of a fresh paint job. Before adding flowers and plants and cleaning your walkways, it’s a good idea to brush up on the exterior of the house.

  1. Clean windows

clean windows is another important step in making the curb more attractive. Windows are the eyes of the house. They should be clean enough to reflect light and give the house a bright, inviting look.

  1. Use color

Choose brightly colored flowers and plants that will complement the color of the house. Use the color wheel to determine the correct colors for the exterior color of your house.

  1. Add a water feature

A water feature made with the same materials as the exterior of the house makes it look more natural in its surroundings. As a rule of thumb, use no more than three elements in each area of ​​the front yard.

  1. Bring the eye to the front door

Create a nice and inviting walkway using paving slabs or stone. Light the way to the front door. Flank the door with large urns or topiaries. Think of other creative ways to get attention to your front door.

You only have one chance to make a first impression

You want your home to attract attention and invite passers-by. Now that you know how to accomplish this by following the tips above to improve curb appeal for landscape architects. Visit us today for design ideas for the interior and exterior of your home.