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How to choose the proper office chair?

Finding out the right office chair is not only crucial but also a very important due to the fact that the time which is spent by sitting in a sedentary position has resulted in an increase in restless work schedules. The major problem is that unless and until you are an ergonomist or you have one available readily at your disposal, it is very difficult to find out the office chair which will fit your body quite properly. The right office chair must be capable of supporting your body in a uniform manner, must support as well as allow for easy movement, should be adjustable easily and must provide you with long-term comfort as well as help you to maintain proper posture of your body.

Different aspect of a chairs

Office chairs are available in different sizes and shapes. The major constraint is that not each and every person can fit into a single uniform chair design, unless and until the proportions match up perfectly with the chair design. If the chair is not fitted properly to your proportions, you are sure to find overtime and you will start experiencing discomfort which can cause severe problems over a period of time. The following tips can be considered prior to purchasing an office chair.

Seat Depth

The most essential component to ensure overall comfort in the office chair is the seat depth.  If you have a seat which is too small, you will not get the necessary support for your thighs which may cause you to sit uncomfortably for the entire day.  In case your seat is too big, pressure will be applied against the back of your knees which may also cause certain discomfort. While seated, try to measure the distance between the back rest and the back of your knee. You must have a distance of one and half inches or a distance of 2-3 fingers between the back of your knee and the edge of your seat.

Seat Height

Your chair at your office must allow you to sit with flat feet on the floor or on a foot rest wherein your knees are bent at angle of 90 degree. The same can be achieved by using a seat of proper height. Measure the distance between the crease at the back of the knee and the floor. Do take into consideration the footwear type you wear to work.