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The Substantial Domain of Portable Canopy

Portable Canopies have wide features and varieties which make them a solid alternative to conventional structures. The most important feature about portable canopies is the ease of manufacturing, assembly and handling.Portable Canopy  94

How exactly are these canopies constructed? The answer to this is very simple. Steel Frames are used for withstanding the fabric which covers the objects. These steel frames are erected on the ends in shape of a rectangle where the frames support a structure on top which holds the polythene cover. This cover is mostly waterproof to protect against rain. The frames are usually ten feet in height so as to properly accommodate anything inside the canopy.Portable Canopy  49

So, what are the different purposes served by these portable canopies? Here we look at few types of canopies distinguished on the basis of their application:

  • Carport Canopies: The idea of Portable Canopies is massively preferred for protecting cars against sunlight and rain. Provision of side-walls can be useful to shield against windstorms which are quite frequent in the West. Velcro straps are used to facilitate the opening and closing of the canopy door.
  • Commercial Grade Canopies: Commercial Grade Canopies are comparatively bigger than Carport Canopies. They are also known as Event Tents. These can be used to shelter a small-scale shop selling eatables or at weddings, housing the dance floor or the bar sections.Portable Canopy  23
  • Shade Canopies: Suppose you are relaxing at a beach or in your garden but the sun seems too annoying; then the most apt selection for this situation is the Shade Canopies. The structure is similar to the rest but just a slightly smaller in size. The sole aim of these Canopies is to provide slight protection from the sun and they are quite efficient while serving this purpose.

The need for Portable Canopies is quite immense currently owing to the need for a better and cheap alternative against various aspects of nature.