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10 DIY home decor ideas for prefabricated

10 DIY home decor ideas for prefabricated houses

Do you look longingly at House Beautiful? Thinking about swarf and swatches? Do you have Chip & Joanna Gaines on your Instagram feed right now?

Americans almost spent $ 280.7 billion (Yes, billions, with a B) for furniture and home decor in 2018. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a house a home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Bought in the store is not always the best choice to make a place feel like home. Read on for 10 DIY decorating tips that look designer but stay true to your budget.

  1. Hold a backsplash

The trend in 2019 is a striking backsplash for the kitchen. It’s a small space where you can use premium tiles to create a bold tile pattern without breaking the budget. Plain white subway tiles fall out of favor.

Try narrow glass tiles and metallic accents for a current update. No time or talent for tile sets? Use adhesive plastic plates for the look without dirt.

Most major hardware stores offer tile courses if you want to learn how to make your own backsplash. Could be a professional job $ 1000 or more.

  1. Choose your color

Neutral colors may sell you a house, but the first thing you want to do is make it your own. Color is one of the cheapest ways to change your decor. Take a look at the yearbook Color of the year for inspiration.

Shades such as coral and turquoise are eye-catching and give the otherwise stale decor a personal touch. The color can also be easily changed as the styles change. Who can remember the avocado green and the harvest gold colors in Grandma’s kitchen?

Do not be afraid of different finishing techniques. Try strips, stencils, washes, even sponges and rags.

  1. DIY home decor accessories

According to experts, family photos are one of the easiest ways to personalize the space. Create a shadow frame with family memories and portraits for an unusual accent.

You can collect inexpensive frames from thrift stores and farm sales. Paint them all in the same color and use them to create a photo wall with favorite snapshots. Play around with the arrangement of your frames. You can go formal or eclectic with your size and line. Have fun!

  1. Wow wall accents

Contact a vinyl graphics company or custom wallpaper printing company to have a favorite photo, newspaper article, or letter reproduced as wallpaper. One of the most unique ideas is reproducing the love letters and photos of your parents or grandparents as wall-sized graphics.

Imagine a recipe in Grandma’s handwriting as your kitchen accent wall or Grandpa’s map and directions to New York in the living area. Almost any pattern you want can be printed on wallpaper or fabrics for DIY wall decorations.

  1. Bring nature in

You chose your prefabricated house based on green principles, right? See this link for other features you might want.

Use living plants to replenish the oxygen in the house. You can grow herbs on the windowsill or in hydroponic hanging baskets.

Not a green thumb? Choose loose cacti or no frills aerial ferns. Bring a potted tree in place of a plastic Christmas decoration during the holidays. A conifer is traditional, but a potted citrus tree has beautiful shiny green leaves.

  1. Make some furniture from discards

Convert old discards into unique pieces. Can you think of a bookcase as a room divider? A headboard? Garden tool organizer? Use some creativity!

Old chests of drawers see new life as washstands, bookshelves, bars and sideboards. Attach an old headboard to a wall and install a bench for a cozy corner or a fancy dining area. Create a coffee table or side tables from old steam boxes or stacked cases.

Old chairs find new life as pet beds, plant stands or footstools. Discarded doors and shutters find a shabby chic life as tables, screens and more. All it takes is imagination and color.

  1. Change your flooring

New peel-and-stick or click-in vinyl floorboards give you the look of a wooden floor in less than a day. If you don’t like the wood look, choose marble, tile, or even flagstone looks. Carpet tile is a quick way to create a wall-to-wall look yourself.

For an optimal look, slide the tiles under the baseboard to complete the edges or fasten them to fit a quarter round.

  1. Protective cover for your furniture

Inexpensive stretch protective covers are a designer secret for making rooms look new. Tailor-made covers look best, but can be unaffordable. A stretch protective cover has a four-way stretch that offers a perfect fit every time.

Use the supplied foam strips to ensure the cover does not move. A metal T-square or special tool will help you achieve the perfect folds. If you can, cover the pillows separately to get a finished look.

Add accent pillows and throws in complementary colors to complete the transformation.

  1. Put a crown on it

Emphasize your ceiling space with a resin crown molding. This light wood alternative is simply glued and then painted. You can also add ceiling and wall lamp rosettes to your lights.

For an exaggerated effect, add gold or silver gilt accents to catch the light. A little touch of the brush is enough.

  1. Get Happy Hardware

DIY home decor tips are incomplete without this simple update. You can swap cabinet and drawer pulls. Change the feeling of space in less than a day by choosing a dramatic accent made of synthetic glass instead of manufacturer-standard hardware.

Other good candidates for simple and inexpensive changes? Light switch and socket covers, lampshades and exposed light bulbs. LED Edison lamps look good, but use a fraction of the energy of their glowing predecessors.

Don’t break the budget

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