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Stay cool without air conditioning: 7
ideas for home design to keep your house cool

Stay cool without air conditioning: 7 ideas for home design to keep your house cool

Keeping cool in summer is a difficult task and can sometimes be very expensive if you operate your air conditioner frequently. We all want to stay cool, but have you ever thought about how to keep your house cool without air conditioning?

All it takes are a few simple tweaks and your home will be nice and cool in no time – and it will stay that way all summer. If you are one of those people who don’t have air conditioning at all, be sure to follow tips on how to stay cool in summer. Staying cool without air conditioning is actually a lot easier than you think with one Installation of the humidifier.

Read on to find out our seven home designs that will keep your home cool on even the hottest days.

  1. Use a dehumidifier

When you are hot, you start to sweat and then your sweat evaporates, causing your body to cool down. If you live in a place with a lot of moisture, your sweat may not evaporate, but instead get caught, keeping you hot and sticky. There are many ways you can prevent this from happening, especially in your home.

A great way to keep your house cool is by with a dehumidifier this removes moisture from the air. Removing the excess moisture from the air will make you feel cooler even when it’s hot outside. Dehumidifiers can be bought practically anywhere and fit into any price range.

Another way to make sure you stay cool, especially if you have a dehumidifier, is to wear loose fitting clothes and sleep with breathable sheets.

  1. T1-11 siding

If you’re looking for a new siding for your home that looks great and keeps you cool, then this is it t1 11 siding can be the perfect option for you. When installing this siding in your house, you should make sure that all parts fit together perfectly before you nail them down.

The T1-11 siding is ideal for keeping moisture out. As mentioned earlier, moisture can make you even hotter. You need to keep up with this siding and wait for it to last a good life in your home.

  1. Remember to pull the plug

All of the electricity that goes to your electronics generates heat when you connect them. A big change in your lifestyle is to remember to unplug your electronics and gadgets while you are not using them. This can help save electricity costs in several ways.

Switching something off is not enough. You may think that just because something is turned off it doesn’t use power, but it is. In particular, if a device glows red, indicating that it is turned off, it is still consuming electricity and generating additional unwanted heat.

  1. Use fans and find a good airflow

When it comes to staying cool without air conditioning, it’s all about the fans and where you place them. You may find a room in your home that is particularly cool, so you can place a fan in front of this open door to blow the cool air around.

Another thing to remember is to keep doors closed that are not in use. When you’ve cooled down a room in your home, try not to open too many doors and let the hot air in. Fans will be your best friend in summer so you need to know exactly how to place them Optimize the breeze.

  1. Use window hacks

A great way to get a breeze through your house is by using a simple window hack. On the upwind side of your house, open the top of your windows, and on the upwind side of your house, open the bottom of your windows. This creates a cooling pressure stream that flows through your house from window to window.

Another hack would be to use a box fan, but instead of looking at it with the hot air coming in from the outside, you’re doing the opposite. Face the box fan so the hot air is extracted from inside your home. You can also hang a wet sheet in front of a window to let the air blow through and get cooler.

  1. Stop using light bulbs

There are many things in your home that generate heat that you may not have realized. Light bulbs actually generate more heat than light, so you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Switch off these lamps against CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps. Switching can cool your home and lower your electricity bill. Different lamps are better for you in the long run.

  1. They need insulation all year round

Although there are many beautiful photo-worthy houses with exposed rafters, this is not a good way to keep warm or cold in your house depending on the weather. Insulation in your home is a must, not something you should be without. Insulating your walls and attic will save you money and keep your home at the temperature you want.

Insulation works because the heat moves from a hotter to a colder place, which means that the heat enters your home from the outside without insulation. Without the right insulation, you may feel like you want to use your air conditioner more than ever. Good insulation eliminates this feeling.

Stay cool without air conditioning

You may think that keeping your house cold in the summer without air conditioning is next to impossible, but with a few lifestyle changes and home updates, staying cool without air conditioning is a breeze.

Using these tips can help you stay cool and hopefully save a few bucks on your next utility bill.

Now that you’ve learned how to upgrade your home to stay cool without air conditioning, be sure to follow our blog for more great tips and tricks on how to improve your home.