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No green thumb?  Three things you can do to still have a great lawn

Having plants on our lawns is not only good because they beautify the environment, but also because they contribute as much to reducing stress psychological studies have shown. Because of this, many homeowners invest in lawn maintenance. They invest time and money in buying and planting shrubs and even trees, resulting in picturesque gardens that wonderfully improve the aesthetic value of their properties.

However, not everyone has the patience or even the ability to plant and maintain a garden. As they say, you really have to have a green thumb to keep a garden alive. But if you are one of the many who don’t have this talent, does it mean a garden will be impossible for you?

Fortunately, the answer is a big NO, and here are three steps you can take to surround your home in lush greenery.

Choose hardy plants

We often don’t notice this, but plants are also living things. You need care to thrive. But like humans, there are variants among them that are stronger than others. Such variants don’t need that much maintenance. You don’t even need that much water and attention. You are a boon to our non-green thumb friends.

A good example of these hardy plants would be anthuriums. Depending on the type and nutrients in the soil in which they are planted, Anthuriums can have bright red flowers that looks really expensive and yes, alive. In fact, they can be considered plants that require a lot more care due to their hues that steal the scene. But actually they don’t. Experts even say that you only need to water them when the soil looks dry, which means that once a week is enough.

Consider decking

Homeowners maintain gardens so there is space for guests to entertain. And this is a good step, especially since it is almost deeply ingrained in us humans to appreciate nature. But because plants take so much time, effort, and talent to care for, some people are turning to other means of turning their lawns into pretty stops for their visitors.

One of the methods that has proven successful is decking. This basically only involves building a wooden platform on which tables, chairs and even huge sofas can be placed. Some decks are even intricately crafted to look like wonderful stages for an outdoor presentation.

Hire great lawn careers

It’s ironic, but there are only people who don’t have a green thumb, but still like to be with plants. After all, sometimes desire and ability do not go together. If this description suits you, then hiring talented gardeners and landscapers is a smart move.

DIY lawn maintenance can often be tricky, especially if you live in hot and dry areas. For homeowners in Phoenix and throughout Arizona, you can check out WikiLawn’s Phoenix Page for a list of recommended lawn maintainers. Their skills and expertise will help you bring your ideas to life (yes, you can have as many colorful flowers and shrubs as your heart desires!).

Just because you don’t have a green thumb doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden of your dreams. Yes, your options may be limited, but your hands are not completely tied. There are still steps you can take and now you know three.