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Wall Painting Tips

Wall painting is one of the most popular do it yourself activities. It is really very simple and no hard work whatsoever is required. You can complete this task yourself with so much ease and comfort. If you have prepared the walls and are looking to paint them, follow the below mentioned steps. It will help you in wall painting.

Clean the wall:

The first step is clean all sort of dust from the walls.  You can use water and detergent for this purpose. Once you have cleaned the wall make sure that no more water or soap residue is there.

Tape trim, doorframes and windows:

There is a painter tape that is applied to the doorframes and windows. It is typically blue in color. You must apply it and remove it quickly after painting. You must remove it before the paint dries, otherwise you may peel off some paint.

Prime the wall:

It is necessary to prime the wall as it helps maximize the coverage and sheen of paint and also gives a uniform appearance.


If there is some place where you can’t roll, use a brush. It will make your task easier and will provide a uniform look.

Use technique:

You can use any technique to paint the walls. The most common technique is the W technique. The W technique allows you to paint on three by three foot pattern.

Paint the trim:

If you are looking to paint the trim, apply painter tape and paint accordingly.