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7 mistakes everyone makes while painting

Painting the walls of a room is always a great job that requires skilled staff. Changing the color of a wall can make a big change. But sometimes you are an expert in painting or a learner, there are always mistakes. Wall painting may seem like an easy task, but if you want a satisfactory result, you should know how to fix or avoid common mistakes. Newline painting mentioned 7 mistakes anyone can make while painting:

Working with the wrong brush

If you find that you are having trouble painting, confirm that you are using the correct brush. The use of a quality brush makes your job attractive. Brushes with natural bristles are best for oil-based paints. Synthetic brushes, on the other hand, are best for water-based paints.

Leaving painters awake too long

In order to get perfect lines and sharp edges, the painter’s tape is vital. Gluing it on will give professional results, but if left on for an extra time the paint may peel off when removed. The tape should be removed after an hour when you’re done painting. However, if you let it stand to dry, you can use a razor blade to gently puncture along the edge of the tape as you peel it back. In addition, you can warm it up with a hair dryer, which will loosen the adhesive force. Finally, you can carefully roll it away from the wall.

Neglect the weather conditions

Paint doesn’t work well in extreme temperatures. High humidity shortens the drying time for colors that are associated with water. On the other hand, freezing temperatures cause colors to dry unevenly, causing the paint to peel off. The paint may dry too quickly in extreme heat, resulting in uneven drying.

Avoiding the importance of primer

When moving from dark to lighter colors, the primer becomes very useful to prevent the old color from dominating throughout. This problem can be remedied by protecting the wood with a tannin primer before painting.

Get the Roller Marks on the ceiling

If the paint is still damp, spray the window cleaner and wipe it off. The best way to avoid this problem is to tap the ceiling and then brush a horizontal streak of paint to cover the inches of the wall.

Do not prepare a shiny surface

Glossy paint has excellent resistance to dirt and grease and that is why it is preferred over other paints. The same thing that protects the glossy surface from fingerprints and smudges also prevents the new paint from adhering to them correctly.

Using water-based paint on the background image

Painting over wallpaper is less difficult than painting a wall. Water-based paints can reactivate the adhesive of the wallpaper and peel it off or let it bubble. In this case it is advisable to follow oil-based instructions to avoid problems with good adhesion.


Because of the overwhelming choice of pants options and many opportunities to make mistakes, even the highly professional painter has to make mistakes. Although mistakes are not a big problem in painting, as long as you are aware of the mistakes and can learn from them.