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How to design a contemporary living room?

While furnishing or selling a home, people tend to opt for contemporary living room designs. Contemporary designs infuse a style in the home while retaining comfort and warmth. A modern aesthetic spells wonders and is also relatively simple.

You can consider paining the walls with a light, soft, neutral color. Cream, beige and white are the colors that are primarily used in the contemporary living room designs.  Contemporary living room designing is all about approaching minimalism with the use of objects of visual interest. When you opt for neutral color palette it becomes easier for you to make your furniture stand out or create an artwork as the focal point of your living room.

You need to opt for a nondescript and neutral floor. In a few modern designs, concrete floors are used. While going for carpeting, you need to ensure that it is not shaggy and doesn’t feature any bright, intense colors. Use sofas and coffee tables that come with geometric shapes and straight lines. Major pieces of furniture needs to be placed rigidly and symmetrically. You can utilize throw pillows for adding occasional symmetry and for addition of pops of color. For establishing a strong contrast, the furniture should be in darker colors.

Artwork can be used for personalization of space. Interesting styles from monochromatic artwork to multicoloured abstract are available in modern artwork. You can make use of floor lamps, recessed ceiling lights and small cones to light the room. The lighting pieces need to be relatively small and must be subtle. Use candles, books and vases to fill the space. Modern living spaces need to have a minimalist approach but you don’t really have to leave the place completely barren.