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How to turn a desk into a Bedroom Vanity?

A bedroom vanity is more of a requirement than a wish for any woman living with a large family. But if buying one will prove expensive, you can always turn an old desk at home into one. All you need is an old desk, a chair, a large mirror and some high gloss spray paint.

Remove all knobs from the desk and take it to a ventilated area of the house.  Spray the desk with the high gloss spray paint. You might need two coats to cover the entire desk. Leave the desk to dry for a minimum of five hours to get a glossy finish on the paint.

Next, place the desk against the wall and place the large mirror directly above the desk. The mirror should centered over the desk and must be large enough so that you cannot only see yourself sitting down but also, when you stand up, be able to check your clothing and appearance.

Place the chair in front of the table. You can remove the seat cover and use a heavier material for it that matches the color sprayed on the desk. Use nails or glue to secure the seat cover. You can even spray paint the chair to match the vanity. Make sure the paint is completely dry before the desk is moved into place to avoid any unpleasant smell in the room.

You can place a small magnified mirror on top of the vanity too. Your bedroom vanity is now complete. Arrange makeup and hair products on the desk.