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How to prepare a relaxing bath on your

How to prepare a relaxing bath on your tub

Due to the constant stress and immense pressure we feel when we strive to keep our busy schedule and fulfill our personal and professional duties, we often feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained. While a spa visit can be the most obvious way to do it, it’s unfortunately a luxury that many of us cannot afford.

Fortunately, you can have a similar relaxing experience right from home without spending a fortune. It’s no secret that a warm bath offers relaxing benefits that can relax tense nerves and relieve sore muscles. With the right basics, your bath time can be as luxurious as an expensive spa visit.

Here’s what you can do to turn your tub into your own private oasis.

Clean your tub

It is difficult to relax and unwind when you are lying in a dirty tub. So take a few minutes to clean the tub before taking a bath. This is particularly important if you have not used your bathtub for a long time, as dirt and dirt can accumulate with infrequent use and can block the drain and pipes. If your tub is relatively clean, a quick peel with baking soda and vinegar should do the trick. However, if it has been a while since your last thorough cleaning, your tub needs more than just a standard peel. In this case, opt for a stronger cleaner bought in the store and scrub vigorously until your bathtub becomes sparkling clean.

In contrast, whirlpools require different cleaning methods. There is a lot to do to maintain and clean a hot tub, but one of the most important Tips to keep up with your hot tub it’s always to be covered, especially when it’s outside. However, if your spa has been left uncovered for some time, remove dirt, debris, or leaves that may have fallen into the spa before using it. You should also make sure that your filters are clean. Otherwise, you might as well be soaked in hot, dirty water.

Get a bathing tray

The last thing you want is to jump out of a warm and soothing bath to grab the book you wanted to read, and it’s definitely better if you don’t put your glass of wine on the edge of the tub. that’s where a bathtub can be useful. With a bathing tray, you can keep your drink, book, magazine, and even your waterproof speakers nearby. In this way, you have everything you need for a relaxing bathing experience.

Create the perfect ambience

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The first thing you notice when entering a spa is most likely the incredibly relaxed atmosphere. Fortunately, to recreate that calming ambience is much easier than you think; All you have to do is place a few lit candles in the bathroom, have a comfort drink of your choice, and play soft music in the background. A couple of potted plants, including artificial ones, help make your bathroom feel more cozy and inviting. If your bathroom lighting is on a dimmer, turn it off for a softer, more relaxed ambience.

Choose the right bath water temperature

Water temperature plays an important role in deciding whether a bath relaxes or not. The right water temperature can vary depending on personal preference. Ideally, however, the temperature should be between 32 ° C and 40 ° C before you step into the tub. If the water is cooler than 32 ° C, your relaxation time will be reduced and if your bath water is hotter than 40 ° C, you can actually sweat while in the bath. In general, your bath water should feel warm, but not uncomfortably hot when you enter.

Add a few drops of essential oil or a dash of bath salt

For an ultimate spa-like bath experience, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil or a dash of fragrant bath salt to your tub when it’s half full. Lavender, rose, and eucalyptus scents are generally the most relaxing, but you can use any fragrance product you prefer.

So there you have it. With our tips and tricks, you can always enjoy a luxurious, spa-worthy bathing experience from the comfort of your own home. Now that you know that bliss and tranquility are only a bath away, we hope that you consider making bath time part of your regular self-care. After all, everyone can spend a little time on me now and then.