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Choosing a Reading Light

If you love reading or studying at night, chances are you might like to do it all over your house and not just at the study table. Thus, for the matter of safety and comfort, you do need a perfect reading light to help you read. With the developments in technology, there are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to reading lights. These modern reading lights, apart from being functional can easily match with your existing décor to make sure that they don’t look out of the place.

Go through the below mentioned tips if you are planning to buy a reading light.

  1. Understand your Light Requirements- As we age, our eyes are not able to see things as clearly as it used to when we were young. As per the studies, at 60 we need twice the light to read than we needed when we were 30. Thus, while choosing a reading light, make sure that it provides you with adequate lighting.
  2. Placing the Light- Once you have purchased the reading light, make sure that you install it in such a way that the light falls on your right shoulder if you are left handed and on your left shoulder if you are right handed. This will eliminate the problem of your hands overshadowing the words while reading.
  3. Use Dimmer- It is a perfect tool to easily control the level of light while reading. You can adjust it as per the things you are reading, for instance, brighter light while studying and a calmer light when reading a novel.

It is very important to have adequate lighting while reading as poor lighting can damage your eyes. We hope that these tips are able to help you out and enhance your reading experience.