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Have a dark green sofa that doesn’t work? try pillows!

A dark green sofa can either look luxurious, or not work at all. And if the case with you is the latter one, then you might want to get rid of the sofa. But wait. Have you tried all means to make it fit? And most importantly, have you tried pillows?

If not, here are a few tips that could not only make your green sofa fit, but also add an exquisite look to it.


A dark green sofa can be heightened in its effect by using a variety of pillows in various sizes. You could purchase pillows made of the same fabric that used in the curtains, and in the same colour as them as well. This will make the green sofa blend in the room.


With a dark green sofa, you could always go for the contemporary look. There are some purple pillows with a hint of metallic red could give the sofa a great, informal feel. Dark brown might look a bit dull against dark green, therefore make sure you use colours with more vibrant tones to delightfully bring out the green in the sofa.


Choosing pillows with playful patterns could liven up your green sofa. You could also use navy and white cotton pillows in a zig zag pattern to give your sofa a less intimidating and  a more playful, cheerful look.

Some other tips include not going for silk while choosing pillows for your sofa, because silk is a slippery velvet and could slide on your sofa if it is made of leather. Also, to give your sofa a personal, homelike feel, use pillows of several shapes. Bolster pillows, which are long and cylindrical in shape, can be placed on either ends of the sofa. If you’re going to cover your pillows, make sure you use soft but vibrant colours.

There, you know how to make your green sofa fit now! And now that you’ve done all that needs to be done, it doesn’t seem so out of place anymore, does it?