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How to identify wide armchair

Wide Chairs

Chair is tailored to meet your needs especially if you desire to maintain comfort and independence. There are many chairs which have different sizes of armrest, some have small armrest while others have wide armchair. The main thing which influences the choice of a chair is your size and the degree of mobility. Chairs are designed mainly for relaxing but they also can be used for activities like reading, writing, watching television among other activities. All this activities requires different postural position, level of comfort and degree of support to move around the chair. Some chairs are designed to adjust the height of the seat or posture position through a certain mechanism.

What to consider when choosing a wide armchair


The dimensions of a chair, every chair has to have certain dimension in order for the chair to be comfortable. Seat height, width, backrest height and depth should match the size of the user to ensure adequate support. For reclined chair there should be enough space behind the chair for backrest to move around. Proper dimension will help a chair to have wide armchair will are well fitted to make the chair look elegant.


Height of the chair, the height of the chair will help the seat to determine the movement of in and out of the chair. Especially chair which have wide armrest they limit the movement of the chairs. Some seats are too high making your feet not to touch the floor this makes the chair to be uncomfortable especially under your thighs. For too low seat it will be difficult to get out of the seat always before purchasing try to seating on the chair to see how comfortable the seat is.


The size of the armrest, different people will prefer different sizes of armchair. Armchair provides side support to the hands when relaxing on the seat and also assist one when standing up. Wide armchair are the best as they give enough support to your forearm when relaxing. The edge of the armchair should be easy to grip and level with the front edge of the seat this enhances the movement.