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How to clean windowsills: 5 tips to keep your windowsills spotless

Your home could actually make you unhappy. A study was carried out at the University of California, women who lived in crowded homes where a lot of work was done were much more susceptible to fatigue and depression.

If it is you, it is not too late to turn it over, and you can learn how to clean windowsills first. Read on to find out more.

5 Ways to Ensure You Know How to Clean Windowsills

If you feel depressed by a house full of clutter, you can actually feel better cleaning it. Cleaning for only 20 minutes can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Moving around and tidying up your home is a double blow.

  1. Do it yourself

Cleaning your windowsills is a fairly simple process. You probably already have all the products you need in your home. Get a spray bottle and some warm water, then add a little washing-up liquid to the bottle and you have your own homemade cleaner.

Use only a few drops for the solution, otherwise your window sills will become too bubbly and sticky. You need just enough to remove the dust on your threshold.

  1. Microfiber fabric

Next, you need to pop out your microfiber cloth. This is the most effective way to clean your threshold. Spray your cloth with some of the solution you made and you’re good to go.

You could use a paper towel or sponge, but a paper towel tends to leave pieces behind. If you have a different sponge than the one you use to wash dishes, this is another great option.

  1. Don’t oversaturate

Especially if you have wooden frames, adding too much water can be harmful. If you use too much water on your threshold, the frame can warp, which you definitely don’t want. Adding too much soap or detergent to the cleaning solution you make can also strip the wood of its color or damage it.

  1. Get the dust out

A great way to make sure your windowsills stay clean is to keep the dust out of your house. Get an ion fan and run it in your rooms. Make sure that your other areas are dusted regularly. Dust can spread from room to room.

Open doors and open windows also tend to invite more dust. So leave the screen in or close your door.

  1. Get a maid

A surefire way to keep your windows clean? Let a maid go over your windowsills to keep them beautiful and immaculate. Find your best housekeeping service in Austin Go to BookingKoala and get a reputable, professional cleaner on your home in no time.

Don’t stop at the threshold

Now that you know how to clean windowsills and it is easy, you will spot the cleaning mistake.

Why only stop at window sills? Get a maid or help your anxiety by cleaning the rest of your rooms. Since window sills are not the only thing that needs to be cleaned in your house, you should also have a look at our other blog posts!