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Skypod roof lanterns: how to illuminate your home with style

The Skypod roof lantern is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners now want to bring more natural sunlight into their home to give it a modern twist. Transform your grubby flat roof extension and turn the illuminated room into a beautiful and bright room that you can use all year round by using Skypod roof lights or skylights.

In this article you will learn how to stylishly illuminate your home with Skypods.

What is a skypod?

Since they let sunlight through the house, SkypodsSkylights or Skypod roof lights are natural roof lights. They are considered a valuable asset for every roof and increase the value of a property due to their innovative and useful design.

Here are the advantages of Skypod roof lights:

  • Offers an open and beautifully lit room that you can enjoy all year round.
  • The use of skylight technology achieves excellent energy efficiency, which saves energy costs (heating costs).
  • Skypods are easy to install as they are delivered pre-assembled for easy and quick installation on site.

Choose from a variety of skylight designs

Skylights are available in different versions, depending on the materials used and the types of roofs or rooms in which they are to be installed.

Here are the different types of skylight designs:

  • Curb-mounted skylights
  • Barrel Vault Skylight
  • Ventilated skylight
  • Repaired roof window
  • Custom skylight
  • Tubular skylight
  • Pyramid skylight
  • Dome-shaped skylight
  • Ridge Skylight

How to design your home with skylights

  1. Style loft or stairwell with fixed skypods

Fixed skylights are popular to install. Skylights Usually illuminate dark rooms such as stairwells and attics and make this house a great investment. The materials used in fixed skypods are steel frames (wood or aluminum can be used) and glass.

  1. Ventilated skylight to design bathroom and kitchen

Ventilated skylights are an excellent source of air and light ventilation that is perfect for bathroom and kitchen areas. Because Skypods remove excess moisture, your bathroom and kitchen area will be free of mold and mildew caused by high humidity and humidity.

Skylights ensure a constant flow of fresh air and illuminate the place. In addition, the natural sunlight that falls in your bathroom or kitchen offers a beautiful view from above that will help you relax and enjoy your stay at home. In fact, a ventilated skylight is a great addition to a new window and roof in your home.

  1. Tubular skylight for limited roof space

If you don’t or don’t have a roof space for fixed or ventilated skylights, a tubular skylight is a great option. Components of the tubular skylights include a roof-mounted light collector with a parabolic lens that collects light all day, a highly reflective tube, and an interior light.

In combination with electric light, tubular skylights can be used as a backup at night or on cloudy days.

  1. Custom skylight for a beautiful living room

Custom skylights bring nature’s beauty into your home by opening your living room to air, sun, and stars. They are beautiful, elegant windows that let daylight in. At the same time, custom Skypods are dry and airtight. Custom skylights can also be supplied in any size and geometric shape tailored to your specific needs.

Imagine you could look up and see the sky and sunlight to illuminate your living space. The view is spectacular and makes your living room a beautiful and comfortable oasis and apparently an extension of nature.

If you live in a place where the cold months are longest, installing Skypods in your living room is a good idea. This is because skylights provide some kind of insulation when you bring more light into your living room.

  1. Pyramid skylight for flat roofs

Pyramid skylights are usually mounted on curbs of flat roofs, which are available in various slope options or slopes. Such a skypod type has a pyramid shape with four sides and a square opening that is built over a rectangular opening called the hip ridge skylight.

Multi-sided pyramid skylights or polygon skylights are also available with six- or eight-sided openings or over uneven multi-sided openings.

  1. Attractive dome-shaped skylight for the indoor pool

Dome-shaped skylights form a dome and are made of flexible plastic. They allow an even distribution of sunlight in the room. A dome-shaped skylight illuminates an entire room. This is a perfect skylight style for indoor pools.

Dome-shaped skylights consist of two layers, one for insulation and the other for protection.


Skypod roof lights are innovative features in a house. You can decorate your home with skylights installed in your living room, kitchen, loft, bathroom, or wherever natural light should come in. They provide additional insulation, avoid moisture build-up and light in your living space.