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Rustic wood ideas to transform your home

Could your home use a dose of nature with more natural elements? Give your space a new twist by bringing calming, woody energy into the home with rustic furniture. Rustic decor is becoming increasingly popular and you can quickly and easily incorporate this style into your home using a variety of elements.

What is rustic furniture?
The word “rustic” is used a lot in the interior design world. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it’s difficult to pin down this style. Rustic can describe anything from a small hunter’s cabin with no electricity to a shabby-chic New York apartment and everything in between. So how do you know what makes something rustic?

Once you know the basics of rustic decor, spotting them is relatively easy. Key features include:

Wooden furniture, often clunky, weathered or unfinished
Natural textiles such as linen, wool and cotton
Solid woods such as walnut, oak, hickory, maple and cherry

Earthy color schemes (think grey, white, black, taupe, brown, dark red and dark yellow)
Organic lines and rougher textures
Warm and inviting furniture and accents
The rustic style celebrates nature in every piece of furniture. Surfaces do not have to be smooth or painted. Instead, they may be weathered or worn with simple block shapes and natural colors. On most rustic wood furniture, expert craftsmanship makes knots visible rather than hidden.

You can combine the rustic style with almost any other interior theme. In this list, we have included some rustic furniture pieces that go well with different styles and will guide you in the right direction.