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Are you designing your new home?  Tips to simplify the process

Congratulations! You now have enough income to be able to afford to build your new home. It is understandable that you are looking for tips on how to proceed, since building a new house is an important decision.

So let’s try to find ways to make your home design easier.

Hire an architect

To begin with, building a new house may mean that you need the services of an architect. Yes, you may have a lot of ideas, but remember that your new home needs to be both durable and aesthetic. You should hire an architect because you don’t want to follow the wrong techniques that can make your home dangerous or look ugly.

An architect can guide you and at the same time integrate your own ideas into the house’s master plan.

Make a blueprint

A blueprint is definitely necessary when building a new house. With it you can see the proportions of every part of your future home. You can also see if the parts live together or if something seems wrong (before you build the actual house).

Fortunately, the architect can help you with that.

Get the interior right to make it attractive to live in

This is something you should really enjoy because this is where your design ideas come in. Your imagination will determine how good you are Decorate the interiors of your new home. Just make sure you use the blueprint from time to time so you know you’re doing it right.

There is no wrong or right way to do interior decorating as it is a matter of personal preference. However, if you need help, you can reach out to the staff at Watara Homes to provide valuable support. As long as your ideas are incorporated into the decoration, there should be no problem.

Hire a civil engineer

You also need the services of a structural engineer to ensure that your home is structurally secure. These specialists must also refer to a blueprint and can work closely with the architect from step 1.

Some aspects of the home that require analysis by a structural engineer are:

  • The stability of the soil on which you plan to build your house
  • Sloping floor
  • Suspended concrete slabs
  • roof rack
  • Roofs, especially if the location of the house is frequently visited by cyclones
  • Reinforced concrete columns
  • Earth retaining walls

Hire a construction team

You can ask your architect and engineer to recommend a construction team if you already have a design. Sometimes these two professionals are already connected to their own construction team, which makes it easier.

Some people may prefer to hire freelance builders instead, but this can be more of a problem unless you have a background in construction and already know how to lead a freelance builder in the details of house building.

Keep a logbook

You may want to keep a main log of everything connected to your home. In this way, you keep an overview of the ideas discussed by the architect and engineer as well as the construction activities.

If you have a camera or smartphone, you can take pictures of each phase and insert the pictures into the logbook – right next to or on the same page that you logged in to during this phase.

Stay on budget

You can also track the records of all expenses related to planning and building your new house in your logbook. That way, you can stay within budget for construction costs.

Make sure you include the fees of the people you are consulting, e.g. B. the architect and the civil engineer.


Building your own home is an exciting prospect. However, there are a few necessary steps that you should consider. You should hire an architect and structural engineer so that they can check whether your plans are both beautiful to look at and structurally safe to implement. You can then hire a construction team to build the actual house.

After the construction work is completed, you can decorate the interiors of your home. Some people feel more comfortable at this stage when they are supported by an interior design team. However, make sure your ideas flow into the final design.

Note that you need a logbook from the first day of the planning phase. You should also list all of your construction-related expenses, including architect and civil engineer fees, in this logbook. Incidentally, the logbook allows you to keep to budget so that construction goes smoothly.

All of these ideas will help you build your dream home properly so you can find a nice and safe home to be proud of.