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Mesh chairs; advantages, disadvantages and is it the one for you?

I have personally tried one of these mesh chairs and they feel great. There is a high likelihood that you have seen one of these chairs, but you didn’t take notice. These chairs are being adopted by companies in recent times due to their futuristic look and the advantages they provide as well. These chairs tend to have a mesh material on the back side of the seat. These chairs are ergonomic and made to make you feel comfortable. Here are some of the advantages of using mesh chairs:


The mesh chairs offer breathability to the person using it. If you have used a padded chair for long periods of time, you’ll notice that the chair tends to accumulate heat which reduces the comfort level. This is different with a mesh chair as it allows the heated air to pass through thus the chair doesn’t get as uncomfortable after prolonged use.

As I said previously, I personally find this chair to be pretty comfortable. The mesh material and design of the chair make it perfect for the back. Like any other chair, the mesh material used and user preference play a role in the comfort levels of the chair. Some people find mesh chairs to be uncomfortable and on top of that, the low end chairs tend to use cheaper materials thus affecting the comfort as well.


The main disadvantage that can be stated is the look of the chair. The chair might look futuristic, but that’s not exactly a good thing. Mesh can’t be made to look good and thus many people have complained about the aesthetic appeal of the chair when compared to the chairs with upholstered padding.

Who’s it for?

The mesh chair is for everyone, more so the people that work and spend long hours sitting at their desks. The chairs are pretty comfortable and designed in manner that fosters proper sitting posture. Even if you get this chair, it’s still important to stand up and stretch after a few hours of sitting as this helps your muscles and blood circulation as well.