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Mid-Century Modern Living Room Designs

Best Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design

Interior design trends are like a spinning wheel; trends from the past can also be in demand again today, especially when it comes to timeless interior design styles. For this reason, vintage and retro nuances have dominated interior design in recent years. Among the many interior design styles of the past, the mid-century modern style is the most sought after. You can bring this look to your living room in an easy and inexpensive way.

Today I’ve put together some easy ways to bring this look back into contemporary interior design. Featuring simple lines, neutral colors combined with warm, bright colors and vintage furniture that evokes nostalgia. This set of living room designs looks minimalist but feels airy and timeless.

1. Modern look with contemporary design elements


Experience the retro feel with a more modern look. Choose a sofa or comfortable furniture with shapes and materials made from soft fabrics such as velvet. Combine it with neutral colors and functional furniture pieces that will give you extra storage space when needed.

functional mid-century modern sofa with hidden storage space

2. Furniture with vintage nuances


Maintain the characteristics of a mid-century style by choosing vintage furniture. Low seats, rounded edges and the use of wooden materials are hallmarks of mid-century modern design. The use of floor lamps with antique nuances is welcome. It doesn’t matter if it is truly vintage or not, you can still showcase it with the latest style trends.

Mid-century modern style home furniture

3. Harmonious and balanced decor

Mid-century living room decorations

A mid-century modern living room must be able to balance old and new styles. In this room, neutral walls balance the light but warm colors typical of mid-century style. Dark wood gives the room a calm touch. The key is not to overdo it and add different color accents, but to balance it out with relaxed tones.

Mid-century modern living room with mix-and-match decor

4. Wall storage as a focal point

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Wall Shelf

The combined storage space on the wall can become an eye-catcher in the room and serves both decoration and practical storage. An attractive selection of wall modules gives the living room a unique atmosphere, while large storage boxes provide more space for displaying various collectibles. Try to keep the overall look of the storage wall minimalist and airy.

Smart DIY wall storage for mid-century living

5. Refresh the room with houseplants

Mid-century living rooms inspired by nature

Bringing a natural atmosphere into the room is one of the hallmarks of mid-century interiors. Add different types of houseplants to your favorite flowers to brighten up the living room and refresh the space. The green look and the open room concept have proven to brighten the mood.