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What does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

Possessing a chimney costs more than you may know, one of which involves cleaning. But how much exactly does a chimney sweep cost?

When asked how much it costs to clean a chimney, 16,000 homeowners across the country say so $ 241 is the average price for chimney sweeps. Typical chimney cleaning costs can range from $ 127 to $ 355.

In addition, the cleaning price for wood-burning fireplaces depends on the regular maintenance. A well-maintained fireplace can cost between $ 85 and $ 100, while a neglected fireplace can cost up to $ 800.

For more autonomous people, the cost of cleaning the chimney can be reduced. A brush and rod set costs around $ 20 to $ 30 for a brick chimney. For a metal fireplace, it can be up to $ 29-36. A vacuum cleaner, a ladder, a brush, goggles, a rigid brush, a dust mask and some drop cloths should also be considered.

Why is it so important to clean the chimney?

chimney2 How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

creosote is a flammable substance that is made by burning wood. This product will incrust in the chimney over time and can start a chimney fire if it is not cleaned. That is why it is so important to inspect your chimney before lighting the fireplace for the season. It is also important to do chimney cleaning from time to time to ensure that this works without any problems.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends homeowners to inspect their chimneys and fireplaces at least once a year. This guarantees that they are free of residues that block the air and smoke and prevent them from moving up the chimney to leave the house.

The NFPA mentions that 30% of fires caused by fireplaces are due to poor chimney cleaning habits. In addition, almost 20% of all fire fatalities are caused by damaged heating devices. That is why it is so important to be informed about cleaning and inspection, how to do it and how much a chimney sweep costs.

What does a chimney sweep contain?

Chimney sweep-brush-small How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

According to NFPA recommendations, a chimney should be swept at least once a year to ensure that it works properly and safely.

Try to know what a chimney sweep costs when you examine how much it costs. This guarantees that the service you pay for is complete

Strict inspection and cleaning of the fireplace and the fireplace should include the following:

  • Sweeping and checking the combustion chamber, the linings, the smoke chamber and the exhaust. The exterior of the fireplace should also be checked.
  • Recommendations for the correct operation or replacement of devices. You should also seek advice on necessary repairs to equipment or structure.
  • A video inspection. This can be an additional service, but it is important to look for hidden damage during the chimney inspection

Still wondering if you need a chimney sweep and an inspection? Look for these characters to make your decision:

Chimney cleaning How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

  • Check whether soot and creosote have accumulated. Before you start, check that there is no draft in the chimney. If so, open a window or door to circulate the air around the house and reverse the draft. Wear safety glasses and a dust mask. Use a strong light in the fireplace and scrape off the soot. If it is more than ⅛ thick, your chimney needs to be cleaned.
  • If your house fills with smoke every time you light your chimney, it is a sign that there is constipation.
  • Sounds coming from the chimney could indicate that some animals are trapped there. There is a possibility that they also built some nests that could block the chimney.
  • Check the chimney for stains inside or outside.

How much does a chimney sweep and an inspection cost?

Inspection costs

chimney3 How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

When winter comes, one of the first things you need to do to get your fireplace ready is an inspection. To do this, an inspector has to go up to the roof and look down the chimney to see what’s going on inside

The inspector checks the structural integrity of the chimney, the lining, the smoke chamber and the combustion chamber. As already mentioned, an additional fee may apply for a video inspection. However, this can lead to problems that would otherwise be lost, increasing the risk of fire or other problems.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, inspections are classified as Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. This classification depends on what they contain and how thorough they are.

Level 1

Level 1 is included in the cost of the cleaning service. It is also included in the level 2 and 3 inspections.

Level 2

chimney4 How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

A level 2 inspection is performed when you are working on the chimney. It is also required before you sell a house.

The chimney inspection costs include level 1 inspections, as well as the roof, attic and crawl space inspection. It also comes with a video inspection to check for internal damage, and it costs between $ 150 and $ 250.

This type of inspection does not require any special tools to open doors or covers and does not include demolition of the chimney structure.

level 3

Chimney1 How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

If there is a possibility of serious damage, you will need a level 3 inspection. It includes level 1 and level 2 inspections and cleaning, as well as all chimney repairs, demolitions, and conversions. It ranges from $ 240 to $ 1,500.

general costs

Homeguide chimney cleaning cost table How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs
Image source: Home guide

The prices for chimney sweeps depend on the type of chimney and its condition. A simple sweep with level 1 inspections is usually between $ 125 and $ 250.

Chimney cleaning costs can increase if creosote and dead or live animals accumulate. In this case, special equipment or chemicals may be required to perform the cleaning properly.

Also try cleaning before the Cols begin. This is easier both for the cleaner and for you if you can use the fireplace immediately when needed.

Check below how much a chimney sweep will cost depending on the situation of your fireplace:

  • Wood fireplaces that are serviced regularly: $ 89 – $ 155
  • A free-standing wood stove or pellet stove: $ 159 to $ 225
  • Normal fireplace with a single fireplace: $ 149 – $ 185
  • Wood-burning fireplace: $ 159 – $ 200 (note: if you have a HEPA filter vacuum, the air quality of the room is ensured.
  • Neglected wood fireplaces: $ 300 or more
  • Chimney cleaning kits cost: $ 50.

labour costs

chimney5 How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

The cost of sweeping the chimney also depends on the type of material the cleaner is using and how the job is done. Shop vacuum cleaners and special brushes are the standard options for removing soot and dust from the chimney and fireplace.

The procedure can be carried out in different ways. You can start from the top and then move the chimney up, do it in reverse order, or use a combination of both methods.

You must cover the area around the fireplace with tarpaulins or drapes to protect the house and floor from the dust that is removed during cleaning. Cleaning the fireplace is also often included in the cleaning of the fireplace. .

If you ask a specialist how much a chimney sweep costs, ask about its tariff type. There may be a fixed price for the order ($ 100 to $ 300), or the fee can be calculated at an hourly rate of $ 75 an hour.

Additional costs

chimney21 How much does a chimney sweep cost?  Knowing cleaning costs

When doing your research, think about how much a sweep costs to include some additional costs. There are several reasons for this:

  • Type and number of deductions;
  • The amount of creosote accumulated;
  • When a component needs to be pulled out, such as the stove inserts and even the chimney itself, this makes access to the chimney easier.
  • Missing fireplace lid (causes more dirt to accumulate and therefore requires more work); The need to rebuild the chimney. This can be due to many poor mortar 1 joints.
  • Roof with difficult access. If a tree hangs over the chimney, it must be pruned to avoid future damage.
  • Replacing a fireplace liner;
  • Remove the animals from a chimney.
  • Camera inspection.

Final thoughts on how much a chimney sweep costs

As you could, it is very important to keep your fireplace and fireplace in good condition. This reduces the likelihood of a fire and prevents the need for conversion or renovation.

A chimney sweep and an inspection can be scaled up to some high values. However, it is an important measure for any homeowner who always wants their fireplace to be in good condition and ready for winter.

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