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Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

Home owners with a crawl space know that this area is difficult to maintain. No matter how insulated it is, it is always susceptible to moisture. As a result, mold and other harmful substances grow. However, you can make cleaning this area easier by installing a dehumidifier for the thinning area.

You may have ever wondered why there are houses that rise slightly above the floor. Every living space needs basic supplies like water, electricity or gas. To ensure that they reach their destination safely, they are usually insulated in pipes that are installed internally in the walls and floor. However, these systems must reach a central area where they can be controlled for maintenance and emergencies. Basements are the favorite space for this, but sometimes you can’t build a basement, so you go to crawl.

This room is a replacement for a concrete foundation that raises the house to about 1 meter and is so high that a person can crawl under the house. Not only is it a perfect foundation if the floor is not stable, it also allows pipes to be installed and is ideal for maintenance.

The problem is that this alternative is not perfect. One of the biggest problems is moisture, which accumulates easily and is very difficult to remove. Fortunately, installing a crawl dehumidifier should help you avoid these problems.

Moisture is a dangerous enemy

Crawl space Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

Although moisture appears to be a minor problem, the reality is that it causes some major headaches. People believe that just because it occurs in cold and dark places, the humidity cannot get into their house, but they do not take into account how the house is ventilated.

Imagine a fireplace: the hot air rises and lets in fresh and cold air. This cold air is close to the floor or better said in the crawl space and gradually gets into your home. If there is mold in this area, the particles enter with the fresh air.

Molds not only affect the structure to which they adhere, they are also harmful to health. Medical complications can occur with allergies or asthma.

Technological solution

crawl1 Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

Since there are occasionally cases where the construction of such a foundation cannot be avoided, there are technological alternatives with which you can keep the air free of moisture. A crawl space dehumidifier works much better than if it only uses natural ventilation. These are ideal for environmentally friendly and efficient houses.

How does the device work?

How-it-Works Use a dehumidifier for the crawl space to deal with your air in the crawl space

Dehumidifiers are easy to use, using the principle of water condensation. A compressor cools to a temperature at which the air around it begins to condense, turning the moisture into water, which is then piped into a removable tray. Some devices have hoses with which water can be automatically expelled.

To attract moisture, the dehumidifier uses the hot air that it emits at the end of the circulation cycle. This refrigerant system is very similar to that of air conditioning systems, so you may be familiar with the process if you have seen one up close.

Advantages of a dehumidification system under the house

Protects the health of the residents

humidfier1 Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

We mentioned it earlier, and that means moisture is a real health risk, especially for those who suffer from breathing problems. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers are essential for cleaning the environment.

The pathogens that are transmitted by oxygen are cleaned when the air condenses. Even if there are no moisture problems in your home, you can use a dehumidifier to clean your surroundings from other elements such as pollen or mites.

Some of the most common problems caused by poor air quality are allergies, eye irritation, difficulty breathing, migraines and can even increase the body’s warmth.

Prevents the structure from deteriorating

Crawling Use a Crawl Space dehumidifier to handle your Crawl Space air

This is particularly important if the structure is made of wood. High humidity leads to water droplets that adhere to the structure and rot over time.

This is a problem that can occur in any part of the house, but it is much more dangerous if the foundation is damaged by moisture. The wood begins to break, creating vulnerable areas where the floor can fall or become uneven.

With a dehumidifier for crawl spaces, you can protect vulnerable areas to prevent moisture from building up.

Allows fresh and odorless air to enter

Smell Use a crawl space dehumidifier to deal with your crawl space air

This is a fundamental purpose of all ventilation systems and the dehumidifier cannot be an exception. The smell of moisture is annoying, but the condensation and warming of the air restore the original aroma, which is why these devices are installed in many parts of the house, e.g. B. in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

Check the temperature and your energy costs

A dehumidifier in a crawl space is a long-term investment in your electricity bills. Controlling the humidity in your home goes hand in hand with controlling the temperature, so you don’t need any additional heating or air conditioning systems.

Create the perfect environment

Humidifiers Use a crawl space humidifier to handle your crawl space air

The environment becomes difficult when the humidity is very high. The heat will be hard to bear in a water-filled environment, so you will never feel comfortable. In many cases, temperature is not the problem in your home, but the amount of water vapor in the air. If you don’t solve this problem, it doesn’t matter what temperature you set the thermostat at.

How to choose the ideal dehumidifier for your home

If you have problems installing this device in your home, we recommend that you consider a few parameters that will make your selection easier.

Write down the dimensions of the device. Most crawl spaces are 1 meter high, but there are some houses where the distance is 1.5 meters, which makes installation more convenient.

In terms of dimensions, you should also consider whether you would install a pump to remove the condensed water.

The performance of the crawl space dehumidifier depends directly on its dimensions. If your home is spacious, you need a large system. You can also cut costs by buying a small dehumidifier that simply removes vulnerable areas.

Once you have met these criteria, the last thing to do is check the additional features and warranty.

What is the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces?

There are many options on the market so you may be confused as to which dehumidifier to buy. Here is a list of the best systems you can buy.

Aprilaire 1820 Crawl Space Pro dehumidifier – automatic drain

Aprilaire-1820-Crawl-Space-Dehumidifier-Automatic-Drain Use a Crawl-Space dehumidifier to deal with your Crawl-Space air

If you don’t have to maintain the dehumidifier all the time because the tray is filled with water, you’ll need the Aprilaire 1820. It includes a condensation drain hose and easy installation.

In addition, this device has an independent control panel that can be installed anywhere for easy control.

Drieaz F515 PHD 200 compact dehumidifier – For large areas

Drieaz-F515-PHD-200-Compact Dehumidifier-For large areas Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

Despite its compact size, this set of three dehumidifiers can clean areas up to 15,000 cubic feet. A digital touchpad is also included, with which you can control the devices.

homeLabs 50 pint dehumidifier – The quiet option

hOmeLabs-50-pint dehumidifier-the-quiet option Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

This dehumidifier for crawl spaces is available in three presentations and covers 1,500, 3,000 and 4,500 cubic feet. Its main feature is the quiet fan that prevents you from hearing it in your home.

AlorAir cellar / crawl space dehumidifier – For cold weather

AlorAir-Keller Use a crawl space dehumidifier to handle your crawl space air

If you are concerned that the condenser freezes in low temperature areas, we recommend the AlorAir cellar. This dehumidifier contains a defrost system for the gas valve, so you don’t have to defrost it.

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