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Ideas for bonus rooms and what you can do with an additional room in your house

In most houses there is always a free space that does not pay any attention or care.

It is often left out and turned into a storage room, although there is ample storage space and attics in the house. There are many ideas for bonus rooms with which this empty space can be used optimally.

Ideally, there are some rooms in every house with common functions. The treasure of health and delicacies: your kitchen, the place to relax and nap: your bedroom, the room full of laughs and stories: your living room, a dining room that either sits in a corner of the room or is usually set up in the middle of the living room .

If, after assigning all of the rooms to their designated purpose, you still have space that is completely unfounded, we have some great ideas for bonus rooms that can transform this room and add value to the house. With these guest room ideas and a little creative effort, you can get this place to add an extra edge to the home.

Let’s find out how to make the most of this auxiliary space.

Some great ideas for bonus rooms

A guest room

Bonus-Room-Guest-room-by-Rebecca-Driggs-Interiors Bonus-Room-Ideas and what to do with extra room in your home
Image source: Rebecca Driggs Interiors

Whether you have frequent guests or need a room for friends to stay after a late night party, this could be the place for them. Just add a few important things to the room, for example, if you already have a bed, all you have to do is throw in a few pillows and sheets and have it ready for an overnight stay, and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t have a spare bed, you don’t need to worry about it. You can get a foldable couch or bed, or just store some mattresses and quilts, and everything is prepared for the guests.

It can also be a great advantage at family gatherings overnight when your home is full of relatives and housing them becomes a challenge. The guest room is definitely useful for such occasions and will save you a last-minute headache.

The rejuvenating place

The-Mayer-Bonus-Room-River-Crest-von-John-Wieland-Homes-and-Neighborhoods Bonus Room Ideas and What You Can Do with Extra Room in Your HouseImage source: John Wieland houses and neighborhoods

The little corner of the room with some comfy pillows in light colors mixed with a tiny coffee table with scented potpourri is just the place on these weekends. Relax with a cup of tea / coffee, read a book, listen to music in peace or simply chat with your loved ones.

You can also add some fairy lights in natural colors that create a calming, colorful ambience at night with contemporary or classical music in the background. If a window is attached to the room, this is the perfect quiet evening.

This is the best place to sit peacefully and plan everything. A cheerful corner in the house where you can relax after a busy day, have time for me and reflect on your thoughts.

The home library

home-designs-by-Pierre-Paul-Design bonus room ideas and what to do with extra space in your homeImage source: Pierre Paul Design

Are you an avid reader? Do you already have stacks of books but don’t want to throw them away? Well, you’ve got just the right place to hoard them. The love of books can be just as crazy. Make your own mini library at home by placing a few decorative shelves in the room.

You can either keep it simple with a traditional bookcase and couch to sit back and read. You can have these open bookcases or clear glass cabinets too, depending on the number of books you have.

If you have the budget, you can walk a little more fancy than usual.

There are many different types of shelves on the market that will make your room more decorative and worth reading. Wall shelves like the hexagonal wooden shelf, which gives a fresh honeycomb look, are a great storage unit for your books and some other decorative items. There are modern, intersecting wall shelves to increase visual interest.

Study room for children

Highbury-Loft-by-Azman-Architects bonus room ideas and what to do with extra space in your homeImage source: Azman Architects

Make a study for your children so that they can concentrate on their homework with undivided attention. A quiet place for educational activities that won’t be interfered with by others in the room or sudden uninvited guests.

If the above options don’t really work for you, read on. We have a few more additional room ideas for you to choose from.

working space

Bonus-room-and-office-with-a-big-window-with-a-view-Puget-Sound-by-Powell-Homes-Renovations Bonus-room-ideas and what to do with extra space in your homeImage source: Powell Homes & Renovations

The extra space can also be converted into a workspace when you are working from home and need the same office ambience to focus on your work. There can be plenty of distractions from working from home, kids playing around, noises coming from the kitchen, or the delicious aroma that is distracting you.

So this place could be very well managed, with a dedicated room, few items of work namely a computer or laptop, desk, books, study lamp, etc., and you’re good to go. You can also sort through the unfinished papers that are usually delayed until the last day, like those unpaid bills or taxes.

Fun games room

Game-Room-by-Jones-Clayton-Construction bonus room ideas and what to do with extra space in your homeImage source: Jones Clayton construction

Are you still thinking of other guest room ideas? Don’t worry, we still have a few in stock. Turn the extra space into an entertainment venue with some cool indoor games. Plan out the area and place some game accessories appropriately to make it a space for multiple games. Get yourself a table football or carom, or combine a pool table with a cozy lounge area. This could very well be used by family and friends who stop by. A great way to keep all noise in one room.

For video gamers, this could be their heaven. If you enjoy playing video games and often conflict with others for television programs, your concern has just ended. Set up your game systems and add some bean bags or loungers. There you have a perfect place for entertainment.

Bonus room ideas for gym

Yarrow-Point-Water-Front-Home-by-Seattle-Staged-for-Sale-and-Design-LLC Bonus Room Ideas and What to Do with Extra Space in Your HomeImage source: Seattle Staged For Sale And Design LLC

It takes some self-motivation to go to the gym every day, and the distance can add to any reason you want to avoid going there. The best way to deal with this is to set up an in-house gym and save time commuting. With a few things it can be transformed like a regular gym. All you would need is a yoga mat, mirror, a couple of barbell and plate sets, a bench, free weights and you’re good to go.

If you’re using your wallet liberally, you can also throw in a treadmill, punching bag, stereo, etc. to add excitement. You can also create a small sap stain for quick hydration with a juicer Blender and some healthy post-workout snacks.

Craft room

Gift wrapping-n-Kids-Craft-Studios-from-Mosby-Building-Arts bonus room ideas and what you can do with extra space in your houseImage source: Mosby Building Arts

One of the ideas for bonus rooms would be to create a craft room. If you are a creative person and like to play around with the craft materials and experiment with new things, you can use the free space for this purpose. Working with handicrafts can really make the place very messy, and it becomes difficult if you use your living room or bedroom for this purpose.

Turn the place into a creative hub, add some shelves and storage cabinets that will hold all the craft accessories. Make room for all the basics, use a lightweight rug or mat that can be cleaned or dusted. Must keep a trash can, as garbage residue accumulates in the work process.

You can add some nice colors and good decor to the room to give it an artistic feel.

Music room

Piano-Room-by-Emily-Winters bonus room ideas and what to do with extra space in your homeImage source: Emily Winters

If you are an aspiring musician or have a music band, you know that musical instruments pile up quickly and take up a lot of space. They must also be stored carefully to avoid damage.

Your guest room is a good place to record, play, or practice music without outside interference, and will help you keep your focus. Whether you’re a singer or playing an instrument, music stands, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and other instruments are common over time.

To build this space you need to set a hard floor such as tile or hardwood, which is ideal. It is very important that you soundproof your room. To do this, you can add noise-absorbing textiles. You can use upholstery. Make sure to put thick curtains over the windows or seal any gaps with acoustic sealant. If you have brick walls it would be great.

You can also add some decor to the room by adding plants that are also excellent sound absorbing.

Set up all musical instruments, treat the windows with thick sheets for noise cancellation and contain the echo.

Home theater

Madison-Park-Mansion-by-Seattle-Staged-for-Sale-and-Design-LLC-1 Bonus Room Ideas and What to Do with Extra Space in Your HomeImage source: Seattle Staged for Sale and Design LLC

If you’re still thinking about what to do with an extra room, this might be your option. Everyone enjoys a home theater to have a great time with family and enjoy a movie. If you throw in cozy mattresses and sheets with fluffy pillows and a little corner snack pantry, you’re good to go.

You can either buy a home theater kit or use a projector on a clean wall with some good speakers and your home theater is ready. You don’t have a projector to choose from yet? Visit the PIQO HD portable projector and their handy evaluation / comparison!

These were some of the ideas for bonus rooms that you can apply if you have a vacant room. Depending on your taste and need, you can transform it and enjoy your fun time in the newly found space.

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