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Metal Fireplace Ideas You’ll Love

Metal clad fireplaces for a wow effect cover
A fireplace is always a centerpiece that makes the room more cozy and inviting no matter where you place it and however you decorate it. Surrounding your working or non-working fireplace with metal will give it a unique look. Metal adds a textural touch to the room which adds more interest and of course it will attract everyone around it. Want ideas? Let’s check them out below!

Colors and textures
The metal surrounding your fireplace can be different colors and also have different textures. It will easily highlight your interior style or make a bold statement if you wish. It can be an elegant and shiny metal clad fireplace, an aged textured fireplace, a blackened metal fireplace and there are many more ideas –

It usually depends on the style of your room, for example an elegant metal fireplace will suit one minimalist space, while an aged copper space with structure will be a beautiful idea for a mid-century modern living room. You can experiment with copper, steel, and other metals and looks that match or contrast with your color scheme and style.