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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

Home ownership is the most important investment people will make in their lives. It is also one of the biggest expenses and it needs to be taken care of. Modern homes are designed for efficiency, but they need some maintenance to look good. One way to keep your home looking its best all year round is to implement these outdoor landscape lighting ideas!

Adding landscape lighting to the exterior of your home can help improve curb appeal. Curb appeal is the appearance houses have from the street and it is important in attracting potential buyers. It also makes the home feel more welcoming to guests, family members and neighbors. Landscape lighting can easily be installed anywhere on your property. You don’t need any special equipment or know-how – just a creative eye! Here are some fun ideas to add some light to the exterior of your home:

Distant Lighting – Try using outdoor lights that are dimly lit over long distances. They provide just enough light along pathways without revealing too much about what you’re hiding in the dark…like maybe the existence of your backyard pool!
Accent Lighting – This lighting is aimed at the exterior features of the home. It can highlight specific architectural details or landscape features and give them a real WOW factor when contrasted with darker areas.
Spot Lighting – An excellent way to draw attention to specific features on the facade of your home is to use spot lighting fixtures. They focus light in one direction and can make an otherwise ordinary detail look visually stunning. Look around for interesting elements that you want to emphasize; Consider using spotlights for shrubs, door and window decorations, or any other attractive feature of your home that could be highlighted with directional light.