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Decorative trees for front gardens, anyone?

Keeping your lawn looking pretty is definitely not that difficult. There are actually many tips online that will help you cut costs and ultimately simplify the whole process.

But just because the whole thing isn’t complicated doesn’t mean you can just jump in without a plan. Your lawn is a canvas, and any elements you put in it are elements that need to be well orchestrated so that they form a logical and aesthetically pleasing whole.

Creating plans for a landscaping project was done with easy-to-use design software such as V.izterra. With such products, you or your designer can create three-dimensional representations of your vision to make more realistic estimates.

Even if the design process has gotten a little more complicated, the elements you play with to create a beautiful design remain the same. They deal with elements such as bushes, grass, stones and boulders, sculptures and water features. One element you may not want to use is the use of ornamental trees. In this article, we present five of the most common trees that you can incorporate into your design.

American tree of life

The American tree of life is also known as northern white cedar or eastern tree of life. It is an evergreen with an imposing presence that is perfect as a centerpiece for the entire garden or as a focal point for one of the plant islands you have developed

Because of its lush greenery and considerable height, this tree also works well when planted around the perimeter. It can definitely act as a living fence.

Palm trees

Palm trees in courtyards are a common sight. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise; This tree is so easy to grow and care for. In fact, it doesn’t even take that much pampering. It thrives as long as it has its fair share of the sun.

Palms also come in different variations, both in size and in appearance. Therefore, you can definitely play with its variants to find the right aesthetics for your lawn.

Apple trees

If you love fresh fruit, even at a certain time every year, it’s a good move to have an apple tree in your garden. But don’t think you would need a large garden to grow this tree. There are actually variants that stay small, and Honeycrisp Is one of them. This variant tolerates the cold well and is therefore great in all climates.

Saucer magnolia

If you fancy a tree that puts on a dramatic show in the spring, consider getting a magnolia tree for your lawn. The pink and white flowers of this tree bloom dramatically from its bare twigs and twigs in the spring. Shortly thereafter, the lush green leaves sprout, slowly replacing the flowers as they wither and fall one by one. The leaves remain throughout summer and autumn.


Dogwood is another flowering tree that many homeowners love because it is so easy to care for. It requires little sunlight and will thrive in almost any type of soil as long as it is watered during unforgiving droughts. The flowers come in a variety of colors – pink, purple, and even white. It will surely give your lawn the splash of color it needs, especially in spring and summer.