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Things to consider while planning an ensuite bathroom

An en suite bathroom is a sign of luxury. You need to consider few things while planning a perfect haven for you in the form of an ensuite bathroom. The first and the foremost thing to work on is the lighting. Don’t go for bright lights. It is better to go for lights of various levels. Consider having a mix of low and high intensity lights. Personalize the design as per your taste. En suite bathrooms reflect your style and hence personalisation has a key role to play. Get clever when it comes to the storage aspect. You need to make use of the bathroom practically.

Design should be based on your lifestyle. If you make use of mirrored cabinets, then you would be able to store your products in them such as electric razors and toothbrushes. You can as well consider having niche storage walls where you can store your shower gel or shampoo. Ventilation is the key while designing. You wouldn’t want to design a bathroom that turns damp easily. Extraction is crucial when you have the bathroom right next to your bedroom. You need to ensure that the room is appropriately ventilated. Failing do to so may have steam flowing within your bedroom.

Utilize the space well and come up with a practical design. Plan the feel and look you want to have for your ensuite bathroom. You can maximize the space with a basin and wall hung WC. Consider these things in mind while planning your en suite bathroom.