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How technology and design have revolutionized storage units

Almost everyone has the same storage problem: too much stuff, too little space. While having so many things that you don’t want to throw away is great, it can get overwhelming quickly.

Because of this, storage devices are becoming increasingly popular across the country. In so many cases, they’re the perfect solution to keep whatever you think is valuable enough to keep, but don’t have to use it as often.

But there is a big (wrong) perception problem that holds people back. When you think of a storage unit, many people expect a small, damp, dirty cement room that is only suitable for waste. Maybe they saw too many reality auction shows, maybe they tried it in 1987, or maybe they just don’t have first-hand experience.

But in most cases this is no longer the reality. Storage units have come a long way. With better technology and design, you can now store a variety of items that are close to your heart, but for which you have no place at home.

Air-conditioned storage units

The most exciting advance in recent years has been the widespread availability of air-conditioned storage units. This was a major improvement as many items are more temperature sensitive than you think. And moisture can be just as important. In the past, people too often opened their unregulated units and found that they were full of mold, mold, or rust. Even things that don’t seem sensitive – wooden furniture and old paper documents – can be damaged if they get too hot, too cold or too humid.

That doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Despite the relentless heat of Texas, for example Austin storage company can keep the temperature low enough to protect any items that need to stay closer to room temperature. The same applies to New England, where mercury can drop below zero. Across the country, some people have even started using these devices to store wine at the perfect temperature. It is not exactly an underground cellar of a castle, but it protects valuable bottles and still ages beautifully.

Easy access to vehicles and seasonal storage

In 2019, storage units aren’t just for your old baseball cards, used sneakers, or things you’d like to forget for the next half decade. Companies today offer almost everything and provide easy access to your data. There are a variety of sizes and special units in which you can accommodate anything you want. It’s very easy to just drive up, get what you need, and then be on your way.

Many companies have on-site warehouses for vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, and more. There are many things that you only use seasonally – such as jet skiing, snowmobiling or both – and the top storage companies can now meet these requirements. With very little effort, you can drop by to pick up your summer toys without having to wait for hours for an employee to go through outdated paper documents. Everything is now very well organized in digital systems, so you can quickly access it at any time.

Hold tight

With all of the advances and options now available – and very reasonable costs – you should be completely comfortable putting all of your overflow into one storage unit.

This is not the old days. With new designs, improved technology, new facilities and easy access, everything can now be moved out of the way without any drawbacks. It is safe, secure, available in many sizes and designs – also with air conditioning.

What do you have? Some old bank statements that you just can’t throw away? Half a house’s worth of stuff after downsizing? Your favorite classic? This jet ski that you only use three months a year? Maybe even a couple of cases of wine? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Today’s modern storage units can accommodate anything.