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Stopping Problems Before They Start: A Homeowner’s Guide to Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t think about their garage door until they have problems. These annual garage door maintenance tips will save you a headache.

Congratulation! You are a homeowner now. It is your job to keep your home in great shape.

You may not think about your garage door maintenance strategy the first time you move in, but you will have to come up with something at some point. Otherwise, your garage will get shabby.

The good news is that maintaining your garage once a year should be enough.

Here’s what you need to know.

Pay attention

If there’s a problem with your garage, you may be able to hear it before you notice anything else. The door may make strange noises when it opens and closes. This is always a sign that you need someone to take a look at your garage.

Visually, you should make sure that everything looks functional and symmetrical.

Test the scales

Your garage door needs to be properly balanced for it to work. Otherwise, your opener will have to work too hard.

To start the test, disconnect the Garage door opener. Usually this is done by pulling on the red string. Next, use your hands to position the garage door so that it is about halfway open.

If the door starts to slide, you have a problem.


Grinding gears can dry out. Your garage door will work better if you take the time to do it Lubricate metal parts. You should be able to complete the task in minutes.

Don’t just start pouring olive oil on your garage door. There are specialty lubricants that you can buy online or in hardware stores.

Clean the tracks

Gunk in your garage door rails will slow everything down. They need to be looked at occasionally if you want to keep them in perfect shape. If there is a problem, you need to speak to a garage door specialist.

Take care of the door

The actual garage door itself also requires maintenance, especially if you live in an area with harsh or extreme weather. Wooden garage doors must be cleaned and checked for damage. Too much water can warp the wood.

You also need to keep track of things. Maintaining the garage door is the most demanding task on the list.

Check the cables

The only way to repair your garage door cable yourself is to be an experienced contractor. However, you may be able to spot a problem. You should routinely visually inspect the cables.

If something looks strange, it is worth calling a specialist. The worst thing that can happen is that you spend a little bit of money to calm your mind.

Try these garage door maintenance ideas

Taking care of your garage will make your home more comfortable. Everyone wants to live in a house that is in good shape. Malfunctions and decay are unattractive.

You can find more ideas for garage door maintenance online. Our blog is designed to help budding interior designers refine their craft. Keep checking back for useful tips on topics such as modern Japanese architecture or kitchen remodeling.