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Contemporary Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchens are called as the traditionally styled kitchens. They adopt the country lifestyle incorporating large cabinets, using a lot of wood and warm colors to design your kitchen. The main thing in the rustic kitchens is the cabinets. The rustic kitchens give a traditional look to your house. The cabinets in traditional kitchen styling are made wider and bigger. Making the cabinetry is made using the wood of high quality such as pine or oak. Making the cabinetry using such materials makes it durable and long lasting.

Pine cabinets

The most popular wood chosen is the pine wood for making up the cabinetry of your kitchen. The pine cabinets display visible knots and wood graining which are the main characteristics of the rustic kitchens. Pinewood is easily available in the market and is also affordable. The only hardship that you would face while making cabinets with pine is that the pine wood is soft; it is dented and scratched easily. The color of the pine wood depends upon the overall texture that you want to use for your kitchen.

Color of Rustic Kitchen

Despite using pine, you may also use oak, cherry, maple or hickory wood for making up the cabinets of your kitchen. These woods come in a wide range of colors that can be used according to your desire and need. Color is an important factor of the rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchens incorporate warm and natural colors that accentuate the color of the wood.