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How do you measure the firmness of the mattress?

The factory-made mattress that you buy in the furniture store follows a simple scale that measures the degree of firmness. It serves as a guide for consumers so they don’t have to test the mattress and are still confident of what they will get.

Whether you buy an expensive one or affordable mattressThey all follow the same scale instructions.

Michael Decker, spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine said that a person’s sleep depends on the mattress they have at home. He explained that the capillaries in the body, which refer to the network of blood vessels, are pinned down if they are in one position for a long time. This in turn interrupts the skin’s oxygen supply. The brain then asks you to change your position to compensate, thereby disrupting sleep.

The different strength levels for your mattress are listed below:

  1. Soft – At the scale level, soft would be 1-2. This type of bed is ideal for someone who prefers to sleep on the side. It’s also suitable for someone who doesn’t weigh that much so that they don’t sink on the bed.
  1. Medium Soft – Medium Soft would drop 3-4 on the firmness scale. Those who prefer to sleep on the side or who are on the lighter side would still enjoy this bed. It is recommended for couples who love a softer mattress but are still firm enough to hold both weights.
  1. Average strength – The average strength would be between 5 and 7 on the scale. This is sometimes referred to as a goldilocks bed because it has the right softness and hardness to give you one Good night’s sleep. Heavy sleepers or those dealing with back pain would benefit from purchasing a medium firm mattress. You can still find an affordable, medium-sized mattress.
  1. Firmness – A mattress with a level that falls on the 8-10 scale is rated as firm. People who like to sleep on their back or stomach would love this bed. People with back pain who like a firmer foundation than the medium-sized company would also benefit from this type of mattress.

In terms of prices, soft mattresses are expensive as they are usually made from luxurious materials to achieve these pluses. Nevertheless, they have a shorter lifespan than the medium-firm or the firm mattress.

Medium-soft mattresses typically consist of latex or harder memory foam. They are not as hot compared to the soft mattress and offer better support for the spine. The contour level is still there, but you won’t sink to bed compared to the soft mattress. They are more durable than soft mattresses, but have a shorter lifespan than firm or medium-hard mattresses.

Buy the perfect mattress for you

If you are looking for an affordable mattress with the right firmness, it is not enough to try the beds in the showroom. For one thing, you will only lie on it for a few minutes. One way is to look at your current bed and check its firmness. Do you feel that it is too soft? Then buy one that is two or three levels higher on the strength scale.