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How to find the ideal towel rail for every room

Towel rails are a great addition to any room without even taking into account the fact that they are space-saving compared to conventional convector radiators. They are adaptable, useful, elegant and offer a level of functionality that you would never expect or accept from something as modest as the cooler.

Why is it sometimes so difficult to buy the right towel rail? Let yourself be inspired by the fantastic selection of curved heated towel rails Trade radiatorsI wanted to give some points on how to find the ideal towel rail for every room. Let’s look at some of the key points to think about before you buy one.

Consider the shape

I just mentioned curved rails there, and for me that’s the first thing you want to think about when buying your ideal rail. Towel rails traditionally come in two forms: straight and curved. Both are equally popular and show only minor deviations that can work in your favor. For example, someone who wants a rail that takes up as little space as possible would become a straight rail, while someone who seeks more space for the airflow tends to a curved rail.

It should not be forgotten that there is also the less sought-after offset rail design. This is a rail in which only a vertical column and horizontal rails of different lengths are separated. Buyers who want something bold off their rails would opt for an offset towel rail, especially if you’re looking for a presence of your rail. If you want a rail that stands back and works continuously, a simple straight rail is ideal.

Consider the color

One of the great things about a new radiator / towel holder is how customizable you can make it if you find a store that offers optional colors / finishes for the product. In the past, all you could get when buying towel racks was one with a shiny polished finish or a toned down silver. That’s it. Fortunately, times have changed and it is possible to find a towel holder in different colors that can better complement a room.

Some of the unique colors / finishes you want to consider (which aren’t just silver or gray) include:

  • anthracite
  • black
  • copper
  • nickel
  • White

There are even websites online where you can paint towel racks in a custom color. However, I would recommend that you don’t get too crazy about color since rails work best if you stick to neutral and industrial tones.

Think about what material is being used

Do you know what towel racks are made of? As with a normal radiator, most towel racks are made of stainless steel, which is treated before applying a finish. While stainless steel is versatile and a pretty good conductor, there can be reasons why you choose other materials, namely aluminum.

Conscious buyers may choose aluminum if they know that the radiator brand has made their new rail from recycled aluminum or at least uses recycled material in part of the production process. There is also the fact that aluminum conducts heat better than stainless steel and can get warm with less hot water in the rail. This can be very convenient if you buy an electric towel rail that works independently of your conventional heater.

Consider the functionality

Speaking of handy, do you know about two-fuel towel racks and how they work? Dual fuel rails can be used in your standard heating system or use electricity to heat yourself. If you are looking for a towel rack in a room that is rarely used (e.g. in a dining room), or if you know that the heating almost always has to be on, you want a dual-fuel rail with additional functionality.

I also recommend that you think about whether you use your new splint frequently or not. By that I mean whether you put towels and bathrobes on it or whether it will just sit on the wall and look good. If you know the function, you can easily choose between rails with larger gaps (ideal for hanging) or flat slats on the rail (ideal for decorating).

Consider the accessories

It is typical for a towel holder to have a manual valve on the bottom, ie a switching valve without markings. If you want some level of control over the heater, a free thermostatic valve (a valve with numbers) is a better choice. You should also consider buying matching pipe sockets and even a robes hook to make hanging easier.

Remember everyone has their way of decorating, so equip to your liking.

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