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Laminate against parquet

When it comes to choosing new flooring for your home, you are often faced with a dilemma of what to want. Too often people wonder whether to opt for laminate or hardwood.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both decisions, of course, and it is a good idea to weigh them all before making your final decision as to which is best for your home, lifestyle, and of course your budget.

There’s no denying that hardwood is an extremely desirable flooring that is timelessly stylish and has been around for many years. It’s full of character and the wide variety of woods each have a unique look with subtle tones and a beautiful natural appearance. This flooring adds a touch of elegance to any room and goes well with all types of decor.

While laminate has had bad press over the years, it has really come into being thanks to some significant improvements in the manufacturing process. It now looks much more natural and comes in a variety of styles and colors – for many, of course, the main selling point is price as it is much cheaper than parquet.


This is the cheaper of the two options, and it’s relatively easy to install yourself, which can also help keep costs down. It’s easy to clean; It should be vacuumed or wiped clean to remove surface debris and dust regularly.

Spilled surfaces should be cleaned up immediately as the floor is not waterproof and liquids can damage it. Once a week, or more often if necessary, you should wipe your floor with a damp (not wet) mop to remove dirt and keep it shine. However, it should not be cleaned with a steam mop, as this can damage it.

If you get a scratch on your laminate flooring, it can be easily repaired with a kit that you can buy at any hardware store.

In addition to a variety of wood-colored surfaces and patterns, it’s also possible to purchase laminate in a number of other patterns and even colors, making it a very versatile flooring that is suitable for use in most rooms in the home.

Hardwood floors

Of course, this is more expensive than laminate floors and should be installed by experts. However, there is no denying how impressive hardwood floors can look in your home.

It’s easy to clean; All you have to do is sweep it daily with a soft broom to remove dust and grime, and wipe it with a damp mop once a week to keep it clean. As with laminate, you should remove any spilled material immediately to protect your floor.

There are some fantastic parquet options on the market in a number of very different shades – from darker browns to much lighter shades. The joy of parquet is the beautiful natural grain that you get. Hardwood floors can get a little darker over time, but this can really add to its character.

If you have deep scratches or dents in your parquet floor, it may be possible to renovate and rework it, which will significantly extend its lifespan. Unfortunately, if you get a dent in the laminate when you can’t replace a circuit board, and often you can’t, there is little you can do to correct the problem.

If you have the budget available, hardwood is usually the best option, mainly due to the durability and better workmanship of this type of flooring. However, your only choice is whether to invest in hardwood floors.