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Simple interior design: 7 easy ways to upgrade your home decor

Ready for a change? Whether you’re preparing for the holidays or just want to spice things up a bit, a little decorating can make a big difference to your home.

As the Number of homeowners is increasingThis also applies to the home decor market (as well as to the various decor trends).

Instead of watching these home remodeling TV shows dreaming Make it happen! With these seven simple tips for decorating houses, you can bring your dream home to life.

Read seven easy ways to improve your home decor!

  1. Rearrange everything

In most cases, you already have everything you need to update your home decor. Instead of spending money on unnecessary bells and whistles, work with what you have!

A simple home decorating tip that many people start with is also the cheapest: rearrange what you already own.

First move the furniture. Imagine sitting in the room or using it. Which river makes the most sense for you?

This small change can have a big impact. If a room feels cramped and stuffy, moving the furniture can open up the room.

Sometimes it can be helpful to divide the room into separate sections. Break the room apart by using it, e.g. B. through a reading corner near the window or through a work area in the corner. This can help give each area of ​​the room a purpose while making the most of the available space.

Call friends of family members to help move the furniture. When moving large, heavy objects, it is sometimes more efficient to measure the objects and space beforehand. In this way, moving the furniture does not become troublesome if an object does not fit in a particular room.

After moving the furniture, you can also move smaller items such as works of art and wall hangings.

You can use for additional help Pour rubber as an adhesive.

  1. Apply a fresh coat

A new color can change an entire room, but not just for the walls! You can also paint an old bookcase, tea trolley, side table, or closet to make it look brand new. Even painting the back of an old bookcase can create a subtle yet standout effect.

Some stores have sample paint bottles that you can try out. Very often these patterns are enough to paint some of your smaller furniture.

Spray paint is also an effective alternative.

These simple tips for decorating houses can help make old furniture stand out without breaking the bank.

Check out some of your outdated articles, such as B. flower pots or picture frames. By adding a layer of white paint and a layer of gloss, a porcelain effect can be created that turns old objects into new treasures!

  1. Seek inspiration

Furniture sales account for 12.9% of the total Retail e-commerce sales. Why buy new, expensive furniture when you can instead find simple tips for decorating your existing furniture?

You can find inspiration on Pinterest and other online resources such as our blog.

Don’t feel the need to try everything. Instead, determine what works best for your home upgrade.

Try adding layers, reordering and debugging elements. If in doubt, go online again and see how someone else does it!

  1. Add accents

Adding a contrasting color to a room can give it life!

Experiment with different contrasting colors. Adding a yellow bouquet or blue carpet can add the pop that your room lacks. Sometimes it’s so easy to add a few pillows to your favorite trainer.

Remember, you want a subtle pop. Small items with similar hues can tie the entire room together.

You can also experiment with metallics. Chrome parts and silver trim can add a bit of shine to a room. Even drawer handles and handles made of brass give the room an authentic, antique touch.

If you love old school trends, try decoupage too.

  1. Share memories

Look for simple inspirations for decorating your home by sifting through old memories.

Try to decorate with items that are of special importance to you. The art you created as a kid or photos from old family outings can make a room feel authentic and homely.

Try to bring nature inside. If you’ve been on a hike or a beach trip as a family, collect items and bring them home. You can put these treasures in a shadow box to commemorate the trip.

What about a sporting event that you attended together? If you create a theme with tokens like tickets, bobble heads, or a signed ball, you can keep these memories for years to come.

  1. Go big and brave

Update the home decor in a big way. Consider creating your own artwork. All you need is a large canvas and paint.

You can even involve the kids. Buy some instead of a large canvas. Then create a gradation effect by fading one canvas into the next.

Including your children can add even more meaning to the piece.

If you are not an artist, try collecting family photos. Print them in black and white, then group them together on the same wall. Black and white photos ensure uniformity and add class and sophistication to the photos.

  1. Keep it simple

Even with these simple tips on how to decorate your home, it’s important to keep it simple. Otherwise, your decor update may do more harm than good.

Try narrowing down the decor instead of adding new elements.

Sometimes the simplification of a room can lead to the expression of the existing decor. Instead of overwhelming the room, open the blinds, let in the sunlight and let the room speak for itself!

Delightful decoration: 7 simple tips for decorating

Turn your next house upgrade into a decorative delight! These seven simple home decorating tips can help you make your next home upgrade project a breathtaking success. Don’t forget to check out more inspiration online before upgrading your home decor!

Looking for this inspiration? You can find more tips and tricks in the Furniture and Decorations section of the blog!