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Interior design trends for the holidays

With the holidays approaching, it’s a time for guests to visit our homes. From family to friends, it’s not uncommon to have new visitors regularly as we celebrate the winter holidays. You want your home to look its best, and now is the perfect time to make some changes based on the trends in interior design. Read on to see what you can do to improve your home as you prepare to entertain guests.

Custom canvas prints

11 interior design trends for the holidays

When it comes to decoration trends on vacation it is important to have a focus. If you have a large wall in your house you can add it large canvas prints to make a statement. Canvas prints can be easily made from photos you take, or from images provided by the retailer. Having a large canvas print in your home allows you to create a central wall that will have a nice impact on the overall design of your home. Choose a canvas for your traditional decor, as well as a hanging option for the holidays.

Update all devices

One way to update your home with today’s trends is to update your devices. From kitchen faucets to lighting, swapping out faucets for more modern options is a cost-effective solution for upgrading your decor. Luminaires can create a whole new sense of space and with so many new designs you are sure to find something that appeals to your eye. If you are hosting holiday gatherings, your friends and family will notice these small changes and are sure to compliment you on your design choices.

Custom made doors

1 interior design trends for the holidays

Another design element that must be taken into account for the upcoming holidays is tailor-made doors. You can easily upgrade doors in your home, including folding doors to closets or laundry areas, pocket doors to smaller rooms, or rustic accents with barn doors. The possibilities are really endless bespoke doors Providing a unique decorative element for your room. Think about how to add a custom door to your home for an extra design element.

Revamp your fireplace

2 interior design trends for the holidays

A fireplace is a well-used place in the house during the holidays. Keeping your mantelpiece updated will make your fireplace look its best when you hang your stockings carefully! Consider revamping the look of your fireplace with design changes such as whitewash for your existing brick or painting it a different color. You can also add a new wooden coat for a more cozy look for your home. Such changes can be made by the homeowner to ensure that the fireplace looks wonderful when it is decorated for the holidays.

Reclaimed Wood Decor

3 interior design trends for the holidays

Today’s design, be it a holiday or everyday decor, focuses on reclaimed wood elements. Reclaimed wood can be added to the house in a number of ways. For big impact, consider adding decorative wooden wall panels in your family room. This can create a unique design element that will be noticed by family and friends.

Add strips of wood for paneling in the room, with shiplap being a popular choice with homeowners. Reclaimed wood has a texture that creates a look all of its own, but the wood can also be painted or stained to create a new look. From installations to wall decorations, there are again many forms of reclaimed wood that completely change the appearance of your room.

These are just a few of the ways you can update the interior of your home for the holidays. Keep these ideas in mind and see how your home can be updated for a new style and feel!