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How to transform your country house into a perfect family holiday home

It’s a beautiful property in beautiful surroundings; Imagine your guests arriving and ready to settle down with a drink after a long journey.

More and more people are choosing to bring their extended families together to live in a stunning country house, be it for a special event like a birthday or anniversary, or just an opportunity for everyone to have a good time together.

And since our increasingly busy lives often leave us with less time than we’d like to spend with grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and parents, investing in a vacation home is a great idea. Here are some of the most important things that will impress your guests and keep them coming back to learn more.

# 1.Home-from-home experience:

One of the most important things guests look for when bringing their entire family together for a vacation is a home away from home. Most large country houses for rent, like this one at Big house experienceoffer their guests a wide range of comfort. Guests want enough space for everyone without feeling confined in a hotel room, and plenty of space to relax and socialize. Everything that we take for granted at home is appreciated by your guests. So go one step further – provide hair dryers, mirrors, hangers, hooks on the doors, ready-made coffee and tea, cutlery, tea towels and kitchen paper. Toilet paper, shower gels, and shampoos are just a few ideas. When your guests forget something, you want them to be glad you got it for them anyway – you have the idea.

# 2. A comfortable environment:

Make your vacation home as comfortable as possibleso that the guests never want to leave. Luxurious throws on the sofas, lots of plush pillows, and fresh linens will go a long way. When it comes to sleeping arrangements, try to offer your guests as many options as possible – a choice of different pillows so that those who prefer softer or firmer ones can feel as comfortable as possible is a good idea. A good night’s sleep for everyone will go a long way towards ensuring that your vacation receives wonderful reviews and that your guests keep coming back. Make sure the mattresses are comfortable and of good quality, with no lumps and bumps, squeaks, or stains.

# 3. Child friendly:

Most of the time, people who travel as a large family have small children with them. And the more child-friendly your vacation stay, the better. Toys and games that are ready for children are sure to impress all of the mothers and fathers in the group – happy children mean happy parents. If there is a large garden on the property, a children’s playground is a huge hit. Make sure children also have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Toddler beds, bed-watchers and children’s beds should always be available to guests when they need them. Provide stair guards and safety cables on the blinds to keep the little ones safe. And save yourself a thought for breastfeeding mothers – a rocking chair, comfortable blankets and facilities for sterilizing and warming baby bottles are always appreciated.

# 4. Provide entertainment:

Although your guests spend their days exploring the local area and going out as a family, they may want to spend some time indoors in the evenings so entertainment is a must. Prepare for a selection – board games are always a good idea and offer a range of DVDs that you can watch together as a family. Don’t forget to include some children’s DVDs as well, as if your guests were traveling with young children. They’re really grateful for Disney movies and fun kids’ movies to keep their kids entertained. Maybe even add a game console and some multiplayer games – these are always a hit at large family gatherings.

# 5.Be pet friendly:

A family comes together and the last thing they want to do is leave their four-legged family members behind. Be pet friendly There are some risks involved, but it’s definitely worth it for the increased bookings and positive reviews you get. Make sure the property is pet safe. Don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with having rules about staying with pets. For example, do not let dogs in the upstairs bedroom or, of course, ensure that the dogs are tidied up in the garden. Your guests will love if you offer some facilities to take their dogs away, such as: B. food and water bowls, dog blankets, beds, treats and pouches.

Decorating and furnishing your vacation home is the easy part. When it comes to making your guests’ stay comfortable and memorable, it’s often the little things that really matter.

What would you expect from a vacation villa? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.