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How to care for shaker furniture?

Shaker furniture features a classic American design. These rev up the living room with their designing. However, care must be exercised so that these last for a long time. You can consider making use of a wax or an oil finish. The oil finish utilizes a base of turpentine and linseed which offers an excellent finish to your shaker furniture. For a clear durable finish you can consider the application of paste wax which is a blend of softer waxes and Brazilian carnauba wax. Application of waxes not just makes the furniture water resistant but also enhances the beauty of the wood.

In case of any spills on the shaker furniture, you need to wipe it immediately to prevent staining to the wood. Alcohol acts as a wax solvent and hence must be cleaned immediately in case of any spill. Use of coasters is recommended. Warm water can be used to clean the table with mild soap. Wipe the surface dry after cleaning. Lemon oil can be applied in place of furniture polish as this will preserve the beauty of your furniture finish.

If the furniture has started appearing dull, then you can use polish and wax to restore the natural finish. Generous application of oil finish will add years to your furniture life. Make sure you wipe off the traces if any after the application of the oil finish. Follow a proper caring regimen. Apply oil finish once a week or in a few months. Periodic care can work wonder for your furniture.