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Things to keep in mind while buying an inflatable sofa

WHAT IS AN INFLATABLE SOFA? An inflatable sofa is a type of sofa furniture which is actually not a solid furniture. It is a type of sofa which can filled with air to make a full sized sofa and can be deflated to sheet size when you don’t need it. The material of inflated sofa is generally high quality rubber which has been manufactured in such a way to give a high detailed and comfortable sofa when inflated properly.

Since the sofa is just made of a rubber sheet, you get to choose from a variety of designs and shapes available. Apart from being very comfortable, these inflatable sofas have a solid resistance to wear and tear also. The inflatable sofa comes with an air pump to fill the sofa with air with the right quantity of air pressure.

Inflatable sofas are highly successful among people who shift their homes a lot and those who struggle with the lack of space in their home. People living in cities always face the problem of low space for their furniture and are in continuous search for the type of furniture which are easy to handle and are portable. With the use of inflatable sofa, they get one of the biggest furniture in their home in the size of a foldable sheet. They can easily inflate it when they want to use it and store it at other times without worrying about space.

ADVANTAGES OF INFLATABLE SOFA: An inflatable sofa is easily portable. You can use outside your home on a nice warm day and easily transport it anywhere, credits to its light weight. You can even carry it around when you are going for holidays or hiking. A good quality sofa is very much resistant to wear and tear.

DISADVANTAGES OF INFLATABLE SOFA: In a home with kids, these sofas are prone to irreparable damage. If the air is not pumped properly, then the sofa material and shape can be distorted. Over a period of time, the sofa starts leaking air which makes it useless. Maintaining of inflatable sofa is a hard job.