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Key Kitchen Appliance Trends You Need To Know About

Whether you are planning to make a great kitchen renovation This year, or whenever you’re designing a brand new home, it’s important to keep up with trends. Especially since the kitchen is such a well-used part of the house and the devices you choose are not only expensive but also something you have had for a long time, you want to be sure that you are choosing the right parts. Read on to learn some key trends in Kitchen appliances You need to know about 2019.

Smart devices

With the ever increasing popularity and supply of smart home devices these days, it is no wonder that one of the major trends in kitchen appliances is internet connected products. If you prepare for it Buy new kitchen appliances this yearBe on the lookout for goods that speak effectively to each other and make your life easier.

Attached devices can make things like grocery shopping, cooking, mealtime, and even tidying easier. Appliances can be synchronized with each other so timers work together, appliances and lights turn on automatically, and much more.

Devices made of black stainless steel or ice white

While stainless steel has been the first choice for devices for many years, there is a big trend in 2019 towards slim devices made of black steel or ice white. Shiny metal seems to have had its day; Now buyers are looking for warmer, bolder black. Black always looks classy, ​​is often easier to clean, and suits a wide variety of house types, age groups, and decorating tastes.

However, if you’ve always been someone who appreciates the cleanliness of bright whites, you’ll be pleased with the growth of ice-white devices. White is actually one of the top color choices for 2019 in the kitchenware arena. Whirlpool, for example, has launched a new range of kitchen appliances and named it the “Ice Collection”.

Updated cooling

It appears that refrigerators have had a pretty similar design for the past five or more years. However, today they have a fresh start. In particular, there is a trend towards column cooling, which allows buyers to mix and match their fridge and freezer according to their personal preferences and needs. For example, people can add extra refrigerator space as they use more of it. In addition, refrigerators are increasingly being designed to fit seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

The latest technology also has an impact. Many products are now equipped with technologies such as different temperature zones, odor seals and blast chillers. As more consumers focus on how to keep freshness and throw away less food each month, refrigerators are being built to better keep various foods at individual, optimal temperatures. Many devices also help with food preservation by cleaning the air in the rooms every 20 minutes and absorbing odors, bacteria and ethylene.

More functional stoves

Ovens are also becoming more and more functional and user-friendly. For example, the older lower hinge doors are on the way out. Now, many stove manufacturers have to design devices with side openings instead of bending and gripping. Not only are these easier to use (especially for wheelchair users or those with coordination problems and other physical challenges), they also look slimmer and more modern.

Bolder color choices

Aside from the growth in black and white devices mentioned above, there is also a bigger focus this year on bolder color choices in general. Consumers no longer seem to want to play it safe and are now more interested in adding a touch of color to their cooking and dining areas. Bright shades of all sorts of hues, and even pastel colors, come to the fore, from refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens to kettles, faucets, sinks, toasters, and more.

Steam cooking

Another fast growing trend that will continue is steam cooking. With so many buyers interested in healthy cooking and living these days, appliances are designed to follow this example. Steam ovens especially have a moment. Steam is an advantageous way to cook because it is versatile, it can both power and disinfect ovens, and it usually leads to faster cooking times (because steam is hotter than a conventional oven).

When using electric ovens that generate dry heat, people need to bake food with extra fat or water items while cooking. However, if steaming instead, using hot, pressurized steam, the moisture in food is retained without the need for additional fat. In addition, steam cooking is said to contain more nutrients in food compared to electric cooking. All of this results in healthier cooking and a profit for consumers.