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Ideas for hanging Pendant Lights in your house

Lights plays a vital role in setting the mood of your room. The placement of the lights can shift the entire ambiance of the room in not time. Pendant lights are one of the light fixtures that can be used to give your room a stylish yet warm look. They can be placed anywhere in the house easily matching the décor and style. Here are a few ideas as to where you could hang pendant lights in your house.


Pendant lights can be placed in the kitchen area above the kitchen island to increase visibility and highlight the area so you can work easily.

Dining Area:

In the dining area, pendant lights can be placed right above the dining table to highlight the food and give the room a warm and comfy feel. It is recommended that you place adjustable pendant lights in your dining area so you could adjust the height as required. Usually, pendant lights are placed 1.5 to 1.7 meter above the floor of the dining area so that it does not come in between people and obstruct their view.

The number of pendant lights that you place in your dining area depends on the size of the table. For smaller dining tables, one pendant light placed above the center of the table should be enough. However, if you have a bigger dining table, you can place up to three pendant lights above the dining table to lighten up the room and make visibility better.

Living Room:

Pendant lights are available in as many designs and colors as you can imagine. Hence, it should not be difficult for you to find the perfect pendant lights for your living room.

Ideally three pendant lights are hung in the living area above the center table. These pendant lights can be of any shape, size and design. To make your living area look chic, you could place three different designs of pendant lights of the same color.