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What is a rasping tool and how is it used?

The rasp is an abrasion, rubbing and polishing tool that is normally used for carpentry work. It is used to outline the wood and reduce it more abruptly when we compare it to the rasp, as this instrument gives the wood the final finish. The rasp removes the excess wood from the curved surfaces and gives the piece with the greatest flexibility the first shape. Browse the back yard tool shed to learn more about rasping tools.

Parts of a rasp

The surface of the body has a series of diagonally distributed triangular teeth that cut when they go in the direction of the material. The size, number and distribution of these teeth determine the degree of roughness, cutting or polishing of the rasp.

Rasp classes

There are three classes of rasps:

  • Thick cut
  • Medium cut
  • Finely cut

The rasps are classified as flat or round at the same time. However, the one with the greatest versatility is semicircular or is also referred to as a semicircular rasp. All of these styles or versions are constructed in two hundred, two hundred and fifty-three hundred millimeters in length, the two hundred and fifty millimeters being one of the best tools for universal use.

The purpose of the rasp is to carve or sketch the wood in an agile and effective manner and to provide the shape or shape desired for the piece as it can be used as a thread or counter thread, creating a surface that is ready to to start finishing. in this case are made by rasps.

Types of rasps

There are many types of rasps. We have classified them according to functionality and application. In this way, we want to make it easier for you to find rasps that best meet your requirements.

Rasp games

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Wooden rasps

If your passion is wood, these rasps are indispensable for you. Discover today’s best options.

Rasps for metal

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Needle rasps

They are used for fine and precision work and are indispensable for model builders, adjusters, watchmakers, etc.

Diamond rasps

The diamond coating makes them particularly practical for achieving professional surfaces. Without a doubt, they shouldn’t be missing from your toolbox.

How is a rasp used?

Initially, during the polishing process, the person or operator must adopt the correct posture and hold the rasp with one hand on the handle and the other at the tip of the rasp. The person must fasten the wood with a walrus or a vice. You should also know that the rasps only polish when they are moving, ie walking. It should be noted that the rasps must not be used for strokes or as a lever.