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Essential tools for a furniture upholstery project

If you want to start a personal DIY upholstery project at home, you will need the tools to do it. You might have the best idea and the best fabrics for your project, but without the right tools, you’re unlikely to succeed and get the results you want. So if you’re wondering what Upholstery tools You need for your project and then continue reading this short guide as we will tell you shortly.

Staple gun

A stapler is a must have for anyone on an upholstery project trip. If you have a strong stapler that is easy to use on a regular basis, you can attach the fabric to a frame in a simple but highly effective way. Just don’t forget to buy the staples for it.

Staple remover

A staple remover is also a must-have tool as it can be very difficult to remove heavy staples once inserted. Sometimes you may not be happy with the placement of a staple, which is why it is good to have a staple remover on hand.

Fabric scissors

This is one type of upholstery tool that is better to spend more on than a cheaper option. You should buy good quality sharp scissors that will allow you to get your job done with great precision. However, do not use them for other purposes. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming dull and damaging the fabric.


Some types of upholstery projects might not require screwdrivers, but some are useful, which is why they are always easy to find. When buying screwdrivers, it’s always a good idea to buy a small flat head along with a large one.


An upholstery project involves measuring and cutting out fabric. This means you will need something to mark your guidelines for cutting that will not be visible through the fabric.

Upholstery nails

While upholstery nails aren’t an essential tool, they’re incredibly useful for covering up staples that are still visible when your project comes to an end. Note, however, that when adding nails to your upholstery toolkit, you will also need a hammer.

A Stanley knife or box cutter

A Stanley knife or box cutter may be required when working with leather. However, you must be extremely careful when using these items. If you are concerned about slipping and cutting yourself, we recommend that you wear protective gloves.

A ruler

Whatever your upholstery project, you will always need a ruler at some point to measure your fabric. Rulers come in all different sizes, so it is important to consider which ones are best. In general, it is a good idea to purchase one that is at least one meter long.

A tape measure

When a ruler just doesn’t cut the task at hand, a tape measure may prove more useful. They are a great tool if your project has many curves.

Investing in the highest quality products is always the best option as you are equipped with the right upholstery tools for any type of DIY furniture project. The obvious downside to this is that the cost of these tools can add up over time. However, it’s all about investing in your project and other projects that you may tackle in the future.